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Asgard bike storage review

A huge thank you to Simon Richardson from Cycling Weekly for reviewing our popular Annexe Secure Steel Bike Shed and rating it an incredible 10/10. 

Simon highlights the pros and cons of the metal shed, with the level of security, the amount of space and the fact that it’s weatherproof making the pro list. The only con is building a flat surface, which we believe is little manual work for a metal shed that provides you with the highest security for your expensive bikes and accessories all year round.

‘This shed is the perfect solution for anyone who needs more storage for their bikes. There is more than enough room for three bikes meaning all your extras can be stored in there as well. It gives peace of mind as far as security is concerned and isn't as hard to build as you might think.’ - Simon Richardson, Cycling Weekly.

To test the security levels of the Annexe secure bike store, the unit was sitting in a parking bay just a metre or so from the road. Simon highlights how the metal creates loud noises that ‘sound of thunder’, something that would definitely ward off anyone attempting to break in or alert the neighbours. Additionally, the key of the shed cannot be copied without specialist equipment, from a specialist locksmith who will ask for ID and proof of key ownership. Simon tested the unit over several months and reported that it hadn’t been broken into, no water entered the unit when there was a heavy downpour and nothing melted or exploded inside during a heatwave.

Shed build asgard shed

The Annexe bike shed is Secured by Design (Police) approved, Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approved to level 1 and UK Locksmith approved which means your bikes and accessories are stored safely in this secure metal bike shed. 

The shed is fitted with a tough 5-point shrouded locking system, keeping your bike safe from theft and also features an integral metal base which keeps water out of the shed, and improves the overall security. The built-in roof ventilation protects your bikes and accessories from condensation build-up and reduces the risk of your precious bikes and equipment rusting. 

You can read the glowing review by Simon here.

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