FS1511 Subfloor


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5x4 protective subfloor pack

Your Flexistore unit comes complete with a tough galvanised metal base, however careful you are, tools and general use may scratch the finish of your shed.  Why not protect your shed with our wooden subfloor? 

  • Tough wooden composite floor.
  • OSB2 timber that's pre-cut to size, to fit the 1511 metal shed - no cutting needed - simply drops into place.
  • Supplied as a single piece.
  • 18mm Thickness.

Wood is uniquely renewable among building materials. It also has the lowest energy consumption.  Wood products are also the only building materials with negative net CO2 emissions. This puts wood among the most environmentally efficient building materials on the market.

Precut to size to fit the shed - the floor simply drops in place - easy!  

This wooden subfloor pack is suitable for the Flexistore 1511 shed only.

Product Code: ASGFSFLOOR1511


Wooden Subfloor

Flexistore 1511 Subfloor Dimensions

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