Why Is Asgard The UKs Leader In Metal Sheds?

Why choose Asgard metal sheds?

Asgard Secure Steel Storage is a division of Flexiform Business Furniture Limited, a leading supplier of steel storage systems for over 50 years. Asgard can draw on a wealth of metal fabrication experience and has a long history of engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Flexiform and Asgard work hand in hand supplying government contracts throughout the UK. We are ISO 14001 and 9001 accredited with prestigious clients such as The Parliamentary Works and The West Yorkshire Police Force.  With an enviable reputation for quality you can be sure of our long term commitment to supplying quality products.


Over £1 million has been invested in state of the art sheet metal equipment for the production of our exciting new products. This investment commitment gives a clear indication of the group's confidence in the success of the products in the Asgard Secure Steel Storage range.All Asgard products are manufactured entirely in the UK, using high quality materials and conforming to stringent quality control procedures.


Why are we different from the competition?  

Asgard use a much heavier gauge of steel in our products. This ensures you are getting the best product on the market. Our thicker steel ensures our products are stronger and will last much longer than the competition. Compare the weights of our products against similar products - do not confuse our products with cheap and flimsy substitutes or plastic alternatives - our products are the strongest and most secure on the market - giving exceptional value for money.  All our units are built from the inside - so no exposed screw ends.  
 To see a direct comparision between Asgard sheds and other sheds on the market see our why are we the best sheds page. or visit www.shedforce.co.uk

The Personal touch

All our metal sheds and are packed and delivered by our own delivery and installation teams. Each and every panel is individually checked and wrapped (in eco friendly) blankets prior to delivery.  Each panel is then checked on site by our own delivery team.  We do not "sub contract" out any part of the product process. We believe the only way to get the best for our customers is to have full control over all aspects of design, manufacture, delivery and installation.

All our products can be self assembled using the step by step fully illustrated instructions provided with the units and available from this website. An optional full installation service is available.

Asgard are unique in the steel storage shed market place.  We use a pick resistant locking system.  An industry approved locking device which ensures maximum security.  Our locks are designed to shear off if a forced entry is attempted - Your tools and equipment will remain safe inside.  
We use heavy gauge steel in all our products - this also prevents forced entry.  Unlike our competitors all our shed fixings are inside the unit.  No "would be" burglar can simply unscrew our panels. 
LPCB level 1 approval
Our Loss Prevention Certificated products represent a very high and well respected level of security. Beware of those claiming to have LPCB certificates. Always check the actual productrating.  Many manufacturers pass off poor quality, light weight sheds as LPCB approved, when in fact they are not.  They are cheap flimsy sheds sold with an approved lock inside the unit.  In effect offering no more protection than a plastic sheet over your bike or tools.


We are a proud UK manufacturer with 30 years of heritage.  ALL our metal sheds are designed in house by some of the countries leading engineers.  All of which have years of experience in designing secure steel products for the UK public and private sector.  To see some of our biggest client installations see our Flexiform office furniture website.

All our metal sheds are designed and manufactured by us at our plant in West Yorkshire.  Each and every product goes through a stringent quality control procedure as outlined in iso 14001. 
We do not buy in cheap imports and simply resell - Asgard design and manufacture here in the UK

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