What are Asgard Bundle Deals?

Save money with Asgard Shed Bundle Deals

Asgard Shed Bundle Deals combine our sheds with the most popular accessories in one neat package, helping you to save money and get the ultimate storage set-up. By selecting a bundle pack, you can get substantial savings of up to £816* compared to adding each accessory separately.

Why do we offer the Asgard Bundle packs? 

We can offer these great savings as all your shed and accessories are delivered together, helping us to cut down on delivery runs, and therefore cost - which we’ve passed onto our customers. This also helps with our Net Zero mission to reduce our carbon footprint

We also want to encourage our customers to get the best shed set-up they can, as we believe our shed accessories can truly help to transform the usability and capacity of the shed. 

How to find Asgard Bundle Deals?

Asgard bundle packs are easy to find, simply type ‘bundle’ into the search bar. A few of our most popular packs will pop up first, or press ‘Enter’ / 'View All' to see all our bundle deals.

Our bundle deals also have a golden ‘Bundle Discount’ tab in the top left and multiple images on the main page to make them easy to spot!

Asgard Bundle Discounts

Alternatively, on each shed product page, select the ‘Bundles tab’ (below the main product image) and the shed’s Bundle Deal option will appear.

Asgard metal shed bundle deals

Please note that our Motorcycle Garages, Centurion Bike Sheds, and Gladiator Cycle Stores already come complete with the best accessories. No additional bundle pack deals are available for these products. Please see the ‘Features tab’ for clarification on what is included in your shed. 

With our metal shed Bundle Deals, you can quickly order everything you need to get the best storage out of your Asgard shed, saving you a pretty penny! 

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Top Tip: Don’t forget, any Asgard discount codes can be redeemed against products over £100 including bundle packs, offering double savings! 

*Depending on the make and model of your shed, example based on the Gladiator Plus 3 Bundle Pack.