What are Asgard Bundle Deals?

Save money with our Metal shed Bundle Deals

Want to save money on your Asgard metal shed and accessories, but don't know how? We've created our Bundle Deals to do just that!

What are Asgard Bundle Deals?

Our Bundle Deals have been created to give you the ultimate storage solution and save you money! In these bundles, we’ve combined our sheds with our best-selling accessories, to give you more shed for your money. 

How to find our Bundle Deals

When browsing through our products, you’ll find that each storage unit has its own unique set of Bundles. These are simple and easy to find, on each product page. When viewing one of our metal sheds, all you have to do is click on the ‘Bundles tab’, below the main product image, and the Bundle Deal options for that particular shed will appear.

Our Bundle Deals consist of two main types:

  • Bundle Deal 1 is made up of two shed accessories, suitable for that particular unit. Such as a set of hooks and a shelf, or a set of hooks and a set of eyelets.

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  • Bundle Deal 2 is a larger bundle, which includes the shed of your choosing and a range of storage accessories. In this deal you’ll find a selection of items, such as a wooden subfloor, shelves, hooks, a ramp and more. With our Bundle Deal 2's you'll get everything you need to kit your Asgard shed out from ceiling to floor. 

Asgard shed discount deals

Our bundle deals are available on all of our Motorcycle storage, our bike storage and our metal garden sheds - so save today!

With our Metal shed Bundle Deals, you can quickly order all of the things you need to get the best storage out of your Asgard shed, saving you a pretty penny! 

Browse our range to find the perfect Asgard shed and bundle deal for you.