Bike storage - Secure and weatherproof

Weatherproof storage for up to 3 bikes

All Asgard bike storage is made from heavy duty, weatherproof steel, designed to be secure and keep the bad weather out.  The Addition bike storage (pictured) also features an integral rain guard for even more protection against the elements.

“It arrived on time, with all parts - always a good start!! Instructions were good, bit of complication with the rain guard over the door but sorted it over a cuppa tea. Took 2 of us going slowly and steadily about 3 hours within limited space to complete with the one shelf included. Construction is very solid. It has rained heavily since construction and no signs of water inside the shed. It's very heavy as a unit - security looks good (fingers crossed). All in all, expensive...but worth it for me.”

Andrew Whitwam

Secure bike storage

Security is taken care of courtesy of the integral metal base (which can be bolted to the ground using the supplied fixing bolts) and the heavy duty all metal panel construction.  The heavy duty doors feature our 3 point - pick and drill resistant locks, connected to our internal dead bolts for maximum bike security.  So when you choose the Addition bike shed, you can be sure this 16 stone bike unit is exceptionally secure and hardwearing … why else would it be a Cycling Plus editors choice?

Worried about condensation?  not a problem!  The Addition bike storage shed, has our unique hidden vent system.  A series of small holes are hidden in the roof eves, giving air circulation inside the bike shed, reducing moisture inside without effecting the security of the bike shed.

The Asgard addition 3 bike shed offer compact storage for up to 3 bikes, as well as cycling accessories. This bike store is available in a choice of colours, so you can choose the perfect bike store for you.

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