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"Thanks for your email regarding feedback on our recent purchase of a Centurion unit. I can honestly say, it's been great. Firstly, they delivery company who delivered the unit when we were out, called to book it in and when they left it, they took the time to lay it out in preperation for errection, making it much easier. When it came to putting it together, we opted to do this ourselves and between the two of us, found it really quite easy, due in no small part to the simple to follow plans. All holes lined up and with a little help from an electric screwdriver it was all done in about 2 hours (but this did include a rain break!). It's now almost full, but without it we would be lost and with the quality of the materials, we have no doubts is will last us for many years to come. Simply great!" Regards Fran & Ian

secure garden sheds will give you piece of mind

secure garden sheds will give you long term piece of mind
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