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Asgard motorcycle storage - The best home for your motorcycle

Give your motorcycle the home it deserves, with an Asgard motorcycle storage garage. You can be assured that your bike will be kept safe and dry. This large weatherproof steel storage unit is packed with security features and has been approved by the UK Locksmith Association. Our motorcycle garage is fitted with large reinforced double doors for easy access. The motorcycle garage features a strong 5 point locking system, with internal dead bolts and locking bars.

This ultra tough motorcycle garage also has both reinforced hinges and heavy duty panels all fixed to an integral  - all metal floor.  With the included easy access ramp, you can simply ride your motorcycle straight inside the garage.

If that's not enough features for you ... our motorcycle storage ranges feature our unique ventilation systems - via large vented side panels and a vented (pitched) roof - increasing airflow inside the storage unit, reducing condensation and allowing exhaust gas to escape.

This is a COMPLETE UK designed and made motorcycle storage pack, so inside you will also find helmet and leather hooks, a heavy duty maintenance shelf, a mounting plate for adding your own power supply, an internal sub floor (which sits on the metal floor to protect your tyres) and an easy access ramp - finally all this is covered by our 10 year warranty.

Asgard motorcycle storage

"As you can see from my photo, I have a fitted carpet, I have also lined the walls and doors with insulation panels, from B&Qs, fitted a light to the roof and a 2 point for my charger etc. on the wall are photo's of my 3 previous kawsakis and my present one that has pride of place, I am sure it loves being warm, dry and secure. Have you considered doing an insulation pack, the only problem I had was with the adhesive, getting something that would work in hot and cold weather" John

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