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"Tourette's victim busy delivering Christmas presents while new £700 bike was stolen

Dec 28 2011 By Craig McDonald of the Scottish Daily Paper The Daily Record

"SCOTLAND'S best known Tourette's sufferer had his £700 bike stolen as he delivered Christmas presents.

John Davidson, 40, had only left the mountain bike unattended for a few minutes when it was nicked.

Yesterday, he appealed to the thief to do the right thing and return it.

John, whose condition means he uncontrollably shouts out obsecene words and derogatory remarks, said: "I don't like using public transport because of my Tourette's, which is why I like to get about on my bike."

"Now I will have to rely on other people to help get me around. This has robbed me of my independence."

The thief, who was wearing jeans and a black hoodie, struck while John was at his sister's house in Galashiels, Selkirkshire, around10.45am on Christmas Day.

He and his family spent the rest of the day searching around the Langlee housing estate for a sight of the bike.

John, who spends most of his spare time campaigning for charities involved with Tourette's syndrome, said: "I was at my sister's to drop off presents for my niece and nephew."

"Langlee generally is a safe place to live and I am very trusting."

"I could only have left the bike outside for little more than 10 minutes before it vanished. It ruined my Christmas Day. I feel so angry. I have a medical condition. I do my best to go to work every day and earn my money to pay for this bike, so I can keep my independence"

Watch where you leave your bike

John, of Galashiels, is hoping someone will spot the distinctive Diamondback Response Sport bike, which has an 18in grey frame with pink stencilling, and help him get it back.

He added:"I would appeal to people to be vigilant when they are out and about, as I really do need this bike for me to get around."

John, who is a caretaker in a community centre, became well known after he appeared in a 1989 TV documentary about Tourette's.

Further TV appearances since have helped him raise awareness of the condition".

Cycle theft is a constant issue that needs to be addressed.