Storing your bike in an all metal cycle storage

How to lock you bike and what to do if your bike is stolen


How to lock your bike....  

When you are out:
1. Use TWO locks for maximum security.
2. Lock both of the wheels and the frame. 
3. Make sure that you lock your bike to an object.
4. When you use 2 lock, use 2 different locks as this is harder for the thief.
5. Never leave accessories on the bike  remove lights, saddle bags etc.
6. Lock it in a public area where there are lots of people around  not in a dark alley way.
7. Lock you bike tightly, leave no gaps between the frame and lock for tools to be used. 
When you are at home
If you own an expensive bike and it's hanging off the back of your car after a ride, before you stop, just check the rear view. Is there anybody watching you??

After a long ride it is tempting to get home, chuck the bike by the front door and run in for a wee!! Don't. Take that extra 60 seconds to take your bike inside or put it in the garage. Out of sight!

Don't wash your bike outside of the house in full view of the street. Don't advertise your bike to thieves!

Get a decent bike storage unit and use it!!

Even if you keep your bike in a garage and live in a lovely neighbourhood, you should still lock the bike to an immovable object. Try using a ground anchor.

If the unthinkable happens then

You must report the theft to the police. Even if you don't think you are likely to get your cycle back it is worth reporting the theft. Give them as much information as you can this means frame numbers, a photograph, serial numbers,,,,, where it was stolen etc

To report your bike stolen 1st contact your local police station. Then you can also report the bike details onto some bike forums. If it is a distinctive bike you may get lucky, often these die hard cyclists will keep an eye on suspicious looking bikes for sale on ebay etc. a list of current suspect bikes

Also try another useful resource for tracking down stolen property.

When you report the theft to the local Police ask for your Crime Reference number: having a number will help you to trace the progress of your case, and if you have theft insurance you may actually get paid.