Single bike locker customer review

Bike Locker - A Customer Review.

Our single bike locker was built for the purpose of storing ... a single bike.  When space is tight or you have just the one bike, you don't need one of our huge all singing and dancing bike sheds - you could instead opt for one of our single lockers.  Made from tough weatherproof steel, this heavy duty cycle store is UK made and built to last.  With a 10 year warranty and a choice of 3 great colours, this is a great choice if you need a compact, space saving bike shed with big features.

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Single bike locker

Customer comments:

"Very pleased with the unit. I liked the design - basically a big meccanno set. I had difficulty aligning one of thesides with the front panel but nothing serious. I would suggest having a halfwidth unit for people with road bikes - my road bike only takes up a fractionof the space - reckon I could fit 3 in easily. Maybe I should hire it out!" - Nick 
The process of purchase and installation (paid for, not done by me) was very straightforward. It's reasonably attractive, especially when compared to other similar products. 15 months later, it has held up well against a couple of rough winters and looks as good as new. No sign of rust. Would strongly recommend. - Jon
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