Asgard Easy Fit Ramp

Asgard metal sheds with ramps for easy loading

Sheds with Ramps

The Asgard heavy-duty shed ramp is designed to help you wheel your motorbike, bikes or gardening equipment in and out of your metal shed with ease. Made from the same heavy gauge steel as the units, the ramp is weatherproof and designed to last (supplied with a 10-year warranty). You can also kit out your ramp with easy-grip tape, which gives you that added layer of traction to minimise any slips in wet weather.  

These ramps are easy to install, simply slip the ramp under your Asgard storage unit and you have an easy way to get your heavy stuff into your unit.  We recommend this is done before you lay your shed base panels, as it can make it significantly easier, however, it is possible to fit the ramp post-build. 


How to buy the Asgard shed ramp:

As the ramp is held in place by the weight of the shed, our shed ramps are compatible with a wide range of sheds, which are listed on our product pages. Please note, our large motorcycle and bike shed ranges all arrive with a ramp included. Also, look out for ramps in our great value shed bundle packs.


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