Metal Shed Security Features

Metal shed security features

Metal shed manufacturer Asgard has been established for over 50 years and is a leading producer of quality metal garden storage.

Asgard metal sheds are the most secure sheds on the market, all of our sheds are designed with security in mind. Many of our sheds are LPCB approved (to level 1) for maximum security (which can lead to discounts on your insurance).  

What makes these Asgard metal sheds so secure?  

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Locking systems - Asgard offer 3 secure locking types according to the product you order:

Discus padlocks - Featured on our Access metal bike storage and Access metal garden storage sheds. Two tough discus locks are supplied free with these tough little sheds.Both of the padlocks are then further protected by a tough, galvanised steel shroud making the shed incredibly secure, ensuring your equipment is protected.

2 point locking (thumblock) - Featured on our Vangard products, a simple turn knob operates the two internal bolts. The knob features a hole for you to use your own padlock. Metal Shed 2 point locking system details.

3 point locking - Standard on our most popular metal sheds. Asgard use a tough external handle designed to shear off in the event of an attempted break in, leaving the shed locked during attack. Inside the tough outer cover you will find a CEN grade 4 Euro profile cylinder. With a high quality solid brass and plug with CEN grade 4 certification the internal locking cylinder features: anti pick drivers, anti drill pins, anti pick key profile.

5 point locking - for even more security some of our metal sheds feature 5 locking points. In addition to the standard 3 point system above we add a further two manual bolts (on double door sheds). This system offers the maximum protection against theft suitable for your highest value items. 

Reinforced door panels - All our door panels are made from extra tough heavy duty steel. Our LPCB rated sheds also have additional bracing bars on the inside of the doors for maximum protection.  

Reinforced hinges - All our hinges are fixed to the sheds internally. This simple but effective design feature prevents external hinge attack from would be thieves. The hinges are welded into position on the shed body for maximum strength. Our LPCB sheds also have additional reinforcing welding for even more security.  

Rainguard - Selected products also feature the Asgard shed rain guard. Across the top of the doors a tough galvanised (weather proof) strip of thick steel is fitted. This strip is designed to keep out even the most severe, driving weather. Ensuring all your equipment remains not only safe but also dry.

Integral Metal Floor - All Asgard sheds come with an integral metal floor. Built in floors add security and stability to the shed adding weight and strength.  

Free Fixing Bolts - All Asgard sheds* come with a free ground fixing kit. Bolting sheds to the ground can increase the effective security of the shed. All Asgard sheds have pre drilled bases ready to accept the ground anchor bolts.    

Ramps - On our larger products such as the Gladiator, Centurion, Flexistore and our Motorcycle sheds we offer an optional extra ramp, this allows you to easily wheel in large items with a minimum of effort (items such as ride on lawn mowers or motorcycles) The ramps are made from the same tough galvanised, heavy duty steel as the rest of our sheds. 

Construction - Asgard metal sheds are effectively built inside out. Our sheds are unique in that all screws and fixings are internal this prevents thieves from unscrewing panels from the outside.  Yes there are a lot of screws in an Asgard shed, but that is what makes our sheds so secure. 

Safe - All the inside panels of our sheds are double folded to hide sharp screw ends - Making the sheds stronger than other products on the market, this unique feature also helps to prevent injury.  

Roof - The roofs on our sheds are made from the same tough material as the rest of the shed.  Our shed roofs feature a built in ventilation system. Virtually undetectable from the outside the shed, but essential in keeping condensation down inside the shed. This built in ventilation system allows vapours and odours escape from the shed without compromising security or strength.  

Vented Sides - Our motorcycle storage sheds feature a vented side panel system. These vents allow exhaust fumes to escape from the shed if you choose to ride your bike into the shed. These large vents also help to reduce the build up of condensation when leaving a hot bike in the shed on a cold day *note some condensation may still appear.

Vented Facia - Our Flexistore range feature a vented panel on the front face, this further reduces the build up of moisture inside the shed

Weight - Asgard sheds are not only among the strongest metal sheds on the market, they are also the heaviest.   
This weight is due to the thick gauge steel we use for all our products "with weight comes shed strength and shed security."
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