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Road CC 3 bike shed review

We at Asgard love it when people talk about our cycle storage products!  Here we are with more kind words from members of the road cc club.

I mentioned this in passing a couple of weeks ago and since a few guys from the club came around the other week thought it was a top idea and a couple have ordered them. so they advised me to post details of itin a forum or 2 as others may benefit. As most of them have had bikes nicked at some point (touch wood not me yet) One poor bloke had 3 nicked .. from inside his house as he slept upstairs. They broke in JUST for the bikes!

1stI don't work for these guys!! But:I bought a Bike Store from a while back (via Winstanley) and I have to say it is rather splendid - super secure etc.. and I can get 3 bikes (2mtb 1 road), road helmet, mtb helemt, 2 xmtb backpacks, track pump, workstand, 3 x pairs of shoes, 2 x spare tyes, innertubes, box of spare bits in easy. The unit was £450 but it has stopped mefrom arguing with the wife about blocking the garage with "all that cycle rubbish" not that we use the garage for a car!! and I have not had a bike nicked!

There you have it my top tip! 

Asgard bike storage reviewed

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