Quad Bike and ATV Storage FAQs

Quad Bike Storage Common Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions we have had over the last 12 months for advice on storing Quad Bikes and ATVs.

Can I store my large ATV as well as an adult road bike inside the Asgard ATV Storage unit?
The ATV Storage Unit form Asgard measures 5ft (1524mm) wide and 10ft 9" (3317mm) deep, providing ample parking space for a large All-terrain vehicle and a bicycle.  If you are not sure your ATV will fit inside the unit - please check the measurements before placing your order.

Can I store my Quad Bike inside this Storage shed over winter?
The Asgard Quad Bike Storage Unit is suitable for storing your quad bike and accessories all year round.  Due to the unique ventilation system built into the shed, this allows air circulation to take place and prevent your vehicle from getting damaged due to excess dampness. 

Is my Quad Bike covered by my Insurance Policy if I store it in this storage unit?
Yes, at Asgard  we are proud of the unique locking mechanisms and the level of security built into the Asgard storage range.  The Quad Bike Storage shed is built with reinforced doors, hinges and panels to prevent beak-ins, and many of our units are security approved by Insurance companies.  However, please contact your Insurance provide to confirm your vehicle is covered before you order the Storage unit.

Can I still use my Ground Anchor and chain to lock up my ATV?
Yes, you can install a ground anchor and lock inside one of the Asgard ATV Storage Sheds by drilling through the unit and bolting it to the ground.  However, please note that Asgard does not carry out the installation of ground anchors.

Can I build a Quad Bike Storage shed in my back garden?
Yes, as long as you have a suitable base to build the shed on, i.e. a firm level surface such as concrete or paving slabs, and will have convenient access to the shed, you can install the Quad Bike Storage Unit in your garden  

How do I charge up my Quad Bike in the Asgard Quad bike Shed?
The Asgard Quad Bike Storage Unit comes fitted with an electric mounting plate kit which enables you to add power to your unit.  Please note a qualified electrician required to install power unit and wiring as it is not supplied by Asgard.  

Is the Asgard ATV storage unit waterproof?
Yes, the Asgard Quad Bike Store is made from galvanised steel panels and finished with a powder-coat paint which provides safe, weather-proof storage for your quad bike and accessories.  The Unit also has an in-built ventilation system to allow air to be circulated throughout the unit for the safe and secure storage of your property.   

Is it possible to ride my quad bike inside the Asgard Quad Bike Garage?
The Quad Bike Storage Unit has 2 large double doors with a convenient ramp which allows you to wheel or ride in your quad bikes or ATV's inside the unit, providing easy access as and when required.

For more information on our Quad Bikes and ATV Storage Units, see our Quad Bikes and ATV storage range here.