Problems with Asgard Storage Units

Customer complaints

Asgard sell thousands of metal storage units every year.  We operate a tough quality control procedure, but every now and then there may be a fault. We will try and remedy any faults as soon as possible. Please tell us if you spot a problem and we will try and fix it as soon as possible.



"I was really disappointed to discover missing panels in my Asgard order. But to your credit the next day all the missing parts were there."

Asgard solution - fault fixed.




"The unit works well and holds a lot more than expected. There is one small problem I have. About a month or two ago one of the circular Sterling locks started to stick and it's getting worse. WD 40 makes no difference! As I've only had the unit a short time, can you send me a replacement  pair of locks?" Gary


Asgard solution - new locks sent immediately.




"The shed is excellent , assembled in a few hours with two people and basic tools. My only suggestion for an improvement is to clarify the assembly instructions. Our unit (The Addition) can have left or right sided doors, the instructions only really deal with one configuration. As we discovered the solid front panel can be rotated from it's left to right position, but the doors remain the same way up (a translation) when switched from one side to the other."

Asgard solution - the handing option is highlighted in two areas on the instruction sheet.  On the front page and then on step 5 of the assembly instructions.  No action has been taken as this is a one off incident.


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