Outdoor storage Metal Vs. Wooden

What is the difference between metal storage and wooden storage?

You can now find outdoor storage in all shapes and sizes. When choosing a new storage unit, it can be difficult to pick a material. How do you decide between metal and wood?  If you want something that will be long-lasting and durable, the Answer is simple! A metal garden shed is what you need as this will last far longer than a wooden unit.

Won’t metal storage just rust?

Rusting might be the case with cheap storage made from metal, but here at Asgard, our storage units are different from the average. You’re probably wondering what makes Asgard storage units so different. Our storage units are made from thick galvanised steel, meaning they are not only strong but also weatherproof.  

What is galvanised steel? Galvanising is a process where steel is made weatherproof. At Asgard, all of the steel we use goes through this galvanising process and is then coated in coloured polyester powder coat paint.

Weatherproof steel storage from Asgard

Please note that although our products are galvanised, the correct maintenance should be carried out to maintain their weatherproof properties.

See the difference between Asgard storage units and the competition.

Cheap metal storage units are prone to rust, which can occur as soon as just one year of usage.

Cheap metal storage can rust easily

What to look for when choosing a metal storage unit


When picking a storage unit made from metal, the weight of the unit is important. At Asgard, our metal storage units are extremely heavy, as they are built from thick steel panels. A heavy storage unit means added strength and security for your stored items. If this wasn’t enough, storage units from Asgard can also be bolted down to the concrete. Unlike flimsy wooden sheds, an Asgard metal shed cannot be moved or picked up.


When storing items outside, you want your stuff to be secure. The more secure your storage unit is, the less chance you have of it being broken into. If you have a wooden storage unit, these can be easily kicked and broken into. Unlike wooden units, Asgard storage units have a number of security features including metal floors, internal shoot bolts, and strong locking systems. All of these security features help to protect your stored items from theft.


Our storage units are virtually maintenance-free*:

  • No rotting.
  • No repainting.
  • No leaks.

Asgard storage units:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Made from weatherproof steel - reducing the risk of rust perforation.
  • Have unique ventilation systems – to reduce condensation.
  • Many units are fitted with high-security features.
  • Have full integral metal floors – increases security and can be bolted to the ground.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.