Moped Storage FAQs

Here is a list of the most common questions we have had over the last 12 months for advice on storing Mopeds.

How big is the Moped Storage Unit?
The Asgard Moped Storage Unit measures 5ft (1524mm) wide by (2771mm) 9ft 1" deep and provides a large storage area for your moped and accessories. 

Can I charge up my moped in the Asgard Moped Storage Unit?
Yes, the Asgard Moped Storage Unit comes fitted with an electric mounting plate kit which enables you to add power to your unit. Please note a qualified electrician required to install power unit and wiring - not supplied by Asgard.

Can I store my helmet and riding gear inside the Moped Shed?
Yes, you can store your helmet and riding gear inside the Moped Shed from Asgard as it comes with Shelf and Hook Rail pack in order to maximise the space inside. 

Am I covered by my Moped Insurance if I store my Moped in this storage unit?
Due to the unique locking mechanisms and the level of security built into the Asgard storage range, many of our units are security approved by Insurance companies. However, please contact your Insurance Provider to confirm your vehicle is covered before you order the Storage unit.

How does the locking mechanism on the Moped garage work?
The Moped Storage Unit from Asgard uses an exceptionally tough 5 point locking system with a tough drill and pick resistant Euro cylinder lock. The handle is designed to shear off to prevent forced entry. Click here to see more information on the Asgard shed locking mechanism. 

Can I store my moped inside this Storage unit over winter?
The Asgard Moped Storage Unit is suitable for storing your moped and accessories all year round. Due to the unique ventilation system built into the shed, this allows air circulation to take place and prevent your vehicle from getting damaged due to excess dampness. The wooden flooring which sits on the integral metal floor also means that your moped will be safe and dry over the winter months.

Is it possible to wheel in my moped inside the Moped Store?
The Moped Storage Unit has 2 large double doors with a convenient ramp which allows you to wheel or ride in your mopeds inside the unit - providing easy access as and when required.

How many mopeds can I store in the Asgard Moped Storage Unit?
You can fit up to 2 medium to small mopeds inside the Moped Storage Shed. However, please check the measurements before you place your order.

For more information on our Moped Storage Units, see our Moped Storage range here.