City bike storage with Asgard bike sheds

Metal bike sheds, great for storing your bike in a safe and secure manner

Storing bikes in a city is full of problems. Often you may be short on space and be forced to keep your bikes in the house/flat or even a communal hall way.  With an Asgard bike store such as the Access you can store up to 4 bikes in a small space at minimal cost.  

The Access is packed with security features such as heavy duty, galvanised construction, full metal floor, dead bolt and reinforced doors and lid.

A 3 point locking system finishes off the security features, so an ideal solution to bike storage and security. 

Not only are Asgard bike sheds secure, but they look pretty good too!

Find out more about the Access bike store here.

Read this bike shed customer review:

Bike Storage From Asgard"

"To let you know we have started bike storage shed envy amongst our neighbours.... Having watched them struggle to put together their bike sheds (from other manufacturers) this was very straight forward to put together and fairly quick too. The fact that there is a base makes it easier to construct. The blocks supplied for the corners to ensure that it was completely level were very useful and enabled us to get it right very quickly."

View the Asgard storage unit for 4 bikes