I bought an Asgard Motorcycle garage about a year ago..

Asgard Motorcycle Garage

Safe and secure motobike sheds from Asgard have been making a name in for themselves - As the only UK Locksmiths approved bike store in the UK, this product has won many riding fans.  Read some of their feedback below:

Customer comments:

metal motorcycle building

"I bought an Asgard Motorcycle garage about a year ago. I was somewhat stunned by the cost  at £1000 for a shed, I thought mmnn maybe not then after a local builder wanted 5k to build me a garage of similar proportions +planning permission and I went for the shed.

The process: Ordered online after 1st phoning and checking they were a real company. The shed is approved by a number of companies, however I am always suspicious of online companies.

The shed took 23 days to arrive.  Quite a site when it arrives, a very daunting pile of a dozen or so large metal panels. The panels are very heavy and required two people to manoeuvre. They have got trip to casualty written all over them, panels this heavy made from metal could result in lost fingers. A pair of gloves are a must.

 There were plenty of screws sent with it , again  quite daunting. The instructions were nice and clear, though written by engineers, you can just tell, they have a technical look about they are well illustrated though. Two of us got the shed together in 90 mins -  all the bits were there and everything went together very well. A word of warning, the shed has a metal floor, but also a wooden subfloor which sits over the metal floor to protect your tyres. These bits of wood are unbelievably heavy and a tight fit, watch the fingers with these, they suddenly drop into position.

This is the same for the roof panels, they are also reinforced so very heavy, when you are lifting them on to the structure, they suddenly fit into place and drop into some slots, be careful.

The lock system is super. Bolts, reinforced doors and a casing around the rear of the lock gives me real assurance this should be a good safe house for my bike.

As the unit is quite high and wide, I am able to perform basic maintenance with the bike in the shed, which is a bonus, though it is quite dark at the back.

I would recommend this product without hesitation, just be careful with your fingers". 

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