Winter motorbike storage

Winter preparations for your motorbike

When winter arrives, many of you motorbike riders will be storing your bike away during the colder months. This isn't as simple as locking it away, there is plenty of preparation that needs to be done beforehand, to make sure your motorcycle is in great working condition when spring arrives.
Prepare your motorbike for winter

Where to keep your motorbike during winter

With winter come wind, rain, snow, ice and freezing temperatures. You wouldn’t want to leave your bike outside with that now would you? Don’t let your motorbike get ruined this winter, keep your motorbike protected in an Asgard metal motorbike storage garage

Weatherproof motorbike storage

This strong, weatherproof steel garage is robust and durable and will keep your motorbike and accessories safe and dry all winter long. This metal garage is approved by the UK Locksmith Association and fitted with a number of security features, such as a 5 point locking system, reinforced doors, shrouded pick and drill resistant locks, reinforced (welded) hinges and even an integral full metal floor.  At only a fraction of the cost of building a dedicated garage, the Asgard motorbike garage requires no planning permission and can be built in around an hour.

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