How long does it take to build an Addition Shed?

Building an Asgard bike shed

One of the questions we are frequently asked about the Asgard Storage units is 
"How long does it take to build a shed?"
All of the Asgard sheds are delivered by our own Delivery Team who will deliver the unit in panels, along with all the fixtures and fittings required and easy to follow instructions. Providing that you have a suitable base for your shed and a friend to help you, we anticipate that a unit should take between 20 to 45 minutes to install. 
If you are a DIY champion, you may find it much easier to build the unit, like our customer John Bowen who managed to install his Addition Bike Storage Unit in minutes!
"Very impressed with the quality, substantial build and excellent paint finish and good locking, the assembly was straightforward and very precise. I completed it with just a few minutes help from my wife!"
Building a bike shed
"Very useful unit for storing two bikes, car rack and other equipment." - John Bowen

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