How do you know your shed is secure?

Asgard high security sheds are approved

Certified? If you can get a product with a Loss Prevention Certification Board  (LCPB)  certificate you are pretty much guaranteed the shed will be very secure. Sheds with such accreditation will have reinforced doors, hinges and floors and can often get you a reduction on your insurance. Do check the certification though. Some less than honest shed makers will provide you with a weak corrugated shed and supply you with, eg, a LCPB bike lock inside the shed.
Genuine LCPB sheds will cost you £600 plus, so do you really need this much security? If your bike is only worth £250, it's more expense than you need consider: For £8000 worth of jetski equipment, it is more of a worthwhile purchase.
Asgard approved by the LPCB
That said, even if it's not LPCB approved you can still get excellent security from a good quality metal shed. Look at our previous bike storage posts for in depth details of what to look for in a metal bike shed.  But briefly:
  • Does it have an integral base? Essential.
  • How does it lock? Avoid hasp and staples.
  • How is the unit fixed together? If the screws are on the outside a thief can just take your shed apart.
  • British-made or import? UK manufacturers work to better quality standards by law,  imported sheds are not necessarily as good quality.
  • Accessories? Do you need shelves or hooks?  For your helmet and other gear  and often overlooked but very handy for wet clothes to dry on after a tough winter ride.
  • What type of metal is the shed made from?? Look for galvanised steel, with a warranty against rust. Also check the gauge of the steel avoid corrugated materials.
  • How heavy is the unit? You don't want it to tip or be kicked over.
  • Do you really need a store with LCPB certification? Such a shed will cost you more than £600 if it's just for a £250 bike it's a waste: for a £6000 carbon bike then yes, it's a worthwhile purchase.
  • What do others think? Check the internet for feed back. Try for real life reviews of products and service and check the manufacturers site for a feedback or case studies section?
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