How to keep your bike safe

Tips for bike security


Keep your bicycle safe

Follow our simple crime prevention tips and keep your bicycle safe from theft.

With increasing numbers of us owning bicycles, it's important to know how to keep them safe. Especially as more of us are being encouraged to take up cycling both to improve our health and as an alternative form of transport to reduce congestion and emissions.  Hundreds of thousands of bikes are stolen each year in England and Wales.

Help keep your bike secure by following some simple tips.

Protect your possessions

- Take out insurance, either by extending your home contents insurance or through a separate policy; cycling organisations and bike shops may offer specialist cover

- Record and register your bike

- Security mark the frame

Cycle Theft 

Read the rest of the article on our Shedforce Blog here for advice on protecting your bike at home as well as when your out and about. 

How to secure a bike


For easy, hassle free security an Asgard metal bike store is what you need. Made from strong weatherproof steel, these sheds are durable, tough and long lasting. We’ve designed our bike storage units with security in mind, to help keep bikes and cycling equipment safe from the risk of theft. 

Bike storage from Asgard

To give you the best storage, our bike stores are fitted with a number of features such as full metal floors and pick resistant locks. With a selection of sizes available, here at Asgard we’ll have the right bike storage for you. 

Keep your bike secure in an Asgard bike storage unit