High Security Shed Reviews

What do Asgard customers think of our high security sheds?


It doesn't matter if you are a professional or just a keen amateur - tool security is important.  Our range of high security sheds are designed to keep your power tools safe and secure inside an insurance approved, heavy duty shed.  5 point locking, a pick resistant lock and reinforced panels have helped our High security shed range to achieve an LPCB rating of 1.

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Customer comments:

"I am a joiner so I have lots of expensive tools in my garage. Garages are easy to break into so I have an Asgard in my garage. Total security".  T.H.
"As a seasonal skier I had no where to keep my equipment safe from damage. My Asgard unit solved that. I can lock away several thousand pounds of equipment for months at a time, safe in the knowledge they won't get stolen or damp even if my garage is broken into I even got a reduction on my insurance"  K.L.
"My bike cost five grand - the bike store cost 500 quid. For me the maths is simple. Great little unit".
High Security Sheds