Gas Storage FAQ

Gas Bottle Storage FAQ

Q: How many bottles will the gas storage take? 

A: Asgas 38: Will take 2 x19kg (small) bottles
Asgas 94: Will take 2 x 47kg (large) bottles
Asgas 188: Will take 4 x 47kg (large) bottles
Q: Is it safe to put gas bottles in a metal box?
A: The Asgas range of gas bottle storage has been designed with Calor Gas. Even though the units lock, they are semi open at the back and have side vents to disperse any small leaks.
Q: Do I still need to have a flat level base for the gas units?
A:Yes, a level base is required of either tarmac, flags or concrete.
Q: Do the gas bottle storage units lock?
A: Yes. The Asgard gas storage units lock using a utilities style lock, these allows the utility companies to open your unit for inspection.
Q: Can the units be fixed to a base?
A: Yes, the units are supplied with anchor fixings to bolt the unit down to a suitable base.
Q: What if I loose the key?
A: Replacement keys can be purchased directly through the Asgard team. Just contact the Asgard team for details.
Q: Will I need to build the unit myself?
A: No, all Asgard gas storage units are delivered fully built.
Q: Are the gas storage units as secure as your other metal storage units?
A: The Gas storage units are made from the same tough, galvanised (weather proof) steel as all our other units. However, they don't feature the same locking system as the other products. As it is a legal requirement that the gas valves are accessible.Instead our Gas units feature a lift up lid (for valve access) and a bar across the back which you can chain the cylinders to, to prevent theft.
Q: What is the warranty?
A:The same as all of our Metal Sheds - 10 years under normal use.
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