Fishing Tackle Storage FAQ

Fishing tackle storage most frequently asked questions 

Q: Why is this unit suitable for fishing tackle storage? 

A: This particular unit has extra height, allowing full size pole bags to be stored and the facility for net hooks. A vented roof allows condensation and bad smells to escape.

Q: Why has the unit only got one door?

A: A single central door allows you to use sides for extra storage items such as net hooks and shelves.

Q: Why is this better than keeping my gear in my wooden shed with the lawn mower?

A: Security!  If you have a few thousand pounds of gear, then a metal shed with a 3 point locking system should help to deter thieves.

Q: Fishing tackle is wet. Will my shed rust?

A: No The Asgard Fishing Tackle Store is made from galvanized steel with a 10 year rustproof guarantee*

Q: The fishing store looks huge!! Can I build it myself?

A: We would recommend that 2 people build a unit of this size. Asgard also offer a shed installation service if you are unsure.

Q: The fishing tackle storage product page indicates a level base is required. Can I not just use my lawn?

A: No. This is a precision engineered product. If the ground is not level the doors and locks may not operate smoothly.

Q: Why is the fishing store roof angled?

A: The most common pace to put this unit is against a wall.This angled roof keeps the rain away from the wall behind the unit, helping to stopp mold and damp building up.

Q: Can I seeo ne of these fishing equipment stores before I buy?

A: Yes you can come to our factory in Bradford to see them in our storage area, though we don't have a dedicated showroom environment. Please ring before you visit. As our offices are often unmanned.

Q: What is the difference between the two different sizes of tackle store?

A: Easy! Both are the same tough construction, though one is LPCB approved, which may reduce your insurance premiums. It's personal choice and depends on how much your equipment is worth.

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