Easy build motorcycle garages from Yorkshire

Metal garage for motorbikes

When you purchase an Asgard motorbike garage you are getting a heavy duty motorbike store, with Locksmiths approved security and a 10 year warranty.  Our units are very heavy as they are made from thick, galvanised steel - so you need to be strong to assemble one.

Don't worry you can opt for our installation service if you think you may not be able to build your Asgard.

Customer comments on home assembly:

"The instructions were easy to follow, and between myself and my wife, we managed to construct the garage in a few hours. If anyone wanted to see the build quality, they can come here and see it insitue any time. It is great. Thanks again."  Richard Limbert

Looking at a metal motorbike shed?

Asgard motorcycle garages are popular with our customers and industry specialists alike. These motorcycle garages are the only ones in the UK approved by the UK Locksmiths Association. Look at more of tough, all metal motorcycle sheds here.