Don't have room for secure bike storage?

Compact Bike Storage

Where can I store my bike?

If you are short on places to store your bike, don’t resort to drastic action like this! Within the UK, the average garden size ranges from 140 square meters in London to 226 square meters in Scotland. Not everyone has access to lots of outdoor space to store a bike and equipment, so what are the most efficient and compact ways to store a bike? 

Indoor Bike Storage

There are lots of options on the market to wall mount a bike inside a home - but let's be honest, who wants to put a dripping wet muddy bike on their pristine living room wall? For decoration, yes bicycles can be a thing of beauty, but for a hard working commuter bike or off-roading, outdoor bike storage is the way forward, and you don’t always need as much space as you think. 

Outdoor Bike Storage

At Asgard, our bike lockers have been designed to provide you with secure bike storage that is perfect for small spaces. The compact size of our all-metal bike lockers makes them perfect for down the side of a house or flat. Asgard bike lockers are made from weatherproof galvanised steel, which will keep your bike safe and dry. For security, our compact bike sheds are fitted with a tough 3-point locking system and a pick-resistant lock. Our bike lockers can also be bolted to the ground, so no one can attempt to carry your bikes away! 

Take a look at our most popular bike sheds, bike lockers and bike racks, and where to place them;

Vertical Bike Storage

Store your bike vertically

The Asgard Vertical Bike Locker is our most compact footprint measuring only 800mm wide and 1100mm deep and needs only 740mm of operational space (ie, space for the door to open). Storing 1 bike, this locker is excellent for commuter cyclists who have 1 reliable bike to take them to work. The Vertical Bike Storage Locker is ideal for flats, super tight back gardens and sides of houses, and it’s easy to use with an internal bike loop supporting your front wheel.  

Take a closer look at the Vertical Bike Storage Locker.

Hide your bike storage behind a front wall

Our most popular and compact bike storage is our Twin Bike Locker. Often placed in the front garden behind a front hedge or wall, this low bike storage locker holds 2 bikes and measures just 900mm wide x 1900mm deep - perfect for homes with little front garden space. This bike locker needs an extra 850mm in front to open the door (about the size of a garden path). As this bike shed is proving so popular, keep your eyes peeled for our new and improved model with an integral floor and sloping roof (coming out May 2024!).

Take a closer look at the Twin Bike Locker

Store your Bike down the side of a house

To maximise your shed space vs footprint, we designed our Sentry Bike Shed - offering a walk-in shed with a compact footprint, perfect for those who have 2 bikes plus equipment and extra bits and bobs. Measuring 1056 wide x 2228mm deep, this bike storage shed is designed to fit down the side of houses and can even come with an electric mounting plate for charging lights or e-bikes overnight. 

Check out the Sentry Walk-In Bike Shed.
See the Sentry E Bike Storage.

Hang your bike Inside a Garage

If you are tight on garden space but have access to a garage, our handy adjustable bike rack may be the best option for you! The Adjustable Bike Rack allows you to wall mount your bike to the garage wall (where it gives you a little more time to clean that mud off!). Of course, garages aren’t always the most secure, so we always recommend additional bike locks - or even placing a bike shed inside your garage. 

Take a look at the Adjustable Bike Rack

Intrigued but not quite for you? We have sheds from 10ft wide to 18ft deep as standard. Take a look at our full range of bike storage