Complete motorbike storage and security

Motorbike storage

The Asgard motorbike storage garage, gives you everything you need for complete motorbike storage and security. Designed with bike security in mind, this all metal garage is fitted with a tough 5 point locking system, featuring a pick and drill resistant lock, reinforced doors, internal dead bolts, welded hinges, heavy duty and panel construction AND an integral, full metal base ….. which you can bolt to the ground (using the supplied fixing bolts) for even more security.

Hidden in the roof and across the side of the unit you will find our shed vent system – a system that allows a free air flow inside the unit, allowing fumes to escape and helping to keep condensation down to a minimum.

Robust and strong, this UK made motorbike storage garage unit has been reviewed by the motorcycle press and been approved by the UK Locksmith Association.  So you can be sure this is a quality storage product.

Moving your motorbike in and out is easy with the supplied ramp and large double door opening. This all metal garage really is the complete motorbike storage package, including: a heavy duty ramp, wooden sub floor, electric mounting plate kit (for adding your own power), hook rail and a handy maintenance kit shelf.


Motorbike storage reduces the risk of theft

Reviews of our motorbike storage garage

“I've had my Asgard shed for a little over a year now, keep my cruiser in it along with helmets, leathers, boots, tools etc. It’s great, condensation was a worry but I’ve had no problems at all, assembly was a doddle, my mate and I had it up and finished in 2 hours, there was one captive thread missing for the right hand door hinge, but phoned Asgard and they sent a man round two days later to fit one. The finish is great, easy to wash, almost waxy in feel. If you're thinking about buying one, do it, they’re great. It makes a change to find a product made in England, with excellent customer support, thanks guys, very much.” 

“This is an absolutely fantastic product..... very well built, easy to assemble, and extremely secure. It took a good half a day to build the flat-pack into a working shed, but this was working by myself....two people working together should have it completed in probably 2 hours. All of the panels fit well, and I had no real problems during the construction. The "How to build an Asgard Metal Shed" video on YouTube is a really useful reference tool, and an electronic screwdriver (each) is absolutely essential. My insurance company class the shed as a garage, and I know my bike is secure and safe. The five point locking system, heavy gauge galvanised steel panels, wooden floor, and built in ramp.....all for under a grand? Fantastic stuff.” Ell

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