Locks and Ground Anchors - FAQs

What are Ground Anchors for?

In a word - Security! A ground anchor is what it says. An anchor point for securing your bike to the ground.

Q: How does it work?

A: This is difficult to put into writing but In essence - you drill into concrete/slabs or tarmac (100 mm or so down). Then bolt your anchor to the ground. The anchor has a fixing point, where you can thread a chain through to secure your bike.  Because the bolts are so deep and held in place by special fixing you can’t pull the anchor out of the ground. So whatever you fix with your chain is secure.

Q: Why does Asgard sell them?

A: Not everybody has the room or the budget for one of our Motorcycle or Bike sheds. This is a cheaper method of securing your property.

Q: Are Asgard Ground Anchors insurance approved, like some of your units?

A: Yes, many of them are Sold Secure - this accreditation will often give you a discount on your insurance. Some companies may actually insist on a Sold Secure lock as part of the policy conditions.

Q: Do Asgard Fit Ground Anchors?

A: No we do not fit ground anchors. Self fit instructions here.

Q: Will the Ground Anchors fit inside an Asgard shed?

A: Yes. A ground anchor will provide that extra bit of security for your best bikes. Note: You will have to drill through the floor of your Asgard in order to fit the ground anchor. You MUST then treat the area with a rust inhibitor to protect your Asgard and maintain the warranty.

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