Can the Asgard Annexe shed beat a bike thief?

The Annexe Bike Shed Review from Going Going Bike

LPCB approved - Heavy duty construction - thick galvanised panels - 5 point locking system - heavy duty doors - integral metal floor.  Just a selection of the security features available on the Annexe bike store.  Read the review below.


The latest High Security Bike Shed - The Annexe is put to the test by Going Going Bike to prove how secure it is. Read the full article on their website at Going Going Bike here.

Can the Asgard Annexe bike shed beat a bike thief?

We've checked out, beaten up and reviewed the Asgard Annexe Bike Shed (£686) the new LPCB approved bike shed from Asgard.
What is the Annexe?
A super secure bike shed that, because of its weight, green colour and thick galvanised steel construction, could be mistaken for a Challenger II tank.
Assembly of the Annexe
The Annexe consists of 11 panels and over 150 screws, brackets and fixing devices. It also comes with assembly instructions that the architect of The Shard would be proud of. However, if you have a powerdriver screwdriver and a mate to help, you will be able to follow the 8 step instructions and assemble the Annexe with minimal fuss. We didn't use a powerdriver and it took us 80 minutes to assemble.
Looks, size and functionality
The Annexe has a robust aesthetic. It's not ugly but any beauty it possesses is derived from its functionality and strength. It will comfortably store 3 bikes, with plenty of room for accessories and spares. As a result it is a large beast; requiring around 2 square metres of outdoor space.
Bike security
The Annexe is targeted at cyclists who live in areas with a high risk of theft. From our experience that's almost everybody! 

Its credentials looked good on paper: 5-point locking system, with reinforced doors, panels and hinges etc.. In addition, it has received LPCB approval, which we discovered means it has been independently tested and awarded a Level 1 from the LPCB Board. But none of that means too much to us. We wanted to test out how strong it was and how much of a beating it would take.

As a result we decided to give the Annexe a going over with a hammer, crank and screwdriver (basic tools in a bike thief's armoury) to see what it could withstand. You can check out how we, and the Annexe, got on in our video.

It is green, made of steel, heavy duty and can withstand a proper pounding. We know because we tried to give it one!
Although it could be mistaken for a Challenger II tank it is in fact a highly secure bike shed that saw off our attacks with ease and will surely be a match for more experienced bike thieves.
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