What is the best way to store your fishing gear?

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Why secure fishing tackle storage is important

After purchasing fishing rods and reels, hooks, sinkers and bobbers, hooks, and lures, it is incredibly important to keep all your new gear safe from thieves. Beyond the price tag, you may have an emotional attachment to an item you’ve had for decades or fishing is a hobby that allows you to step outside for a breath of fresh air, either way, security should be number one on the list to keep them safe from sticky fingers. 


How common is fishing tackle theft?

Due to the high price of fishing equipment, theft is common but hard for Police to prosecute. One of the most known cases was from 2018, where Kyle Ackerman’s garage was attacked during the night where they stole £7000 of fishing gear. Kyle was devastated at his loss and found the Police couldn’t convict without CCTV footage; "It's heart-breaking, fishing is my life and this is the worst thing that's ever happened to me...They broke the garage door while I was sleeping and took hundreds of items.”

Local newspaper Swindon Advertiser spoke to Kev Hewitt, a local manager for Angling Direct and international angler for England, where Mr Hewitt said it’s a common occurrence; "This happens far too regularly, it's horrendous. Over the last five years, I've had people coming in every week or two saying they've had their stuff stolen. I'm paranoid about it happening to me, I take precautions but I still feel like it's only a matter of time.” 

Swindon isn’t the only targetted area, in 2019, North Yorkshire Police reported thieves had stolen £10,000 worth of fishing gear from a person in Selby, and in Essex, an angling shop and pensioner was left devastated after being burgled. With Kyle’s fishing equipment being stolen from a garage, what precautions can you take? 


How to safely store your fishing equipment

If you are lucky enough to have access to a secure garage, then it’s a great place to start, but you can’t always take for granted that your equipment is safe. Placing high-priced or sentimental items in an additional secure shed within your garage is one of the best ways to prevent theft. Not only do thieves have to break into a garage, but they also have to try to gain access to the shed, often creating noise, disturbances and it takes time, increasing their chances of being caught, or giving up! However, if you don’t have access to a garage, a secure purpose build fishing tackle storage shed within your garden is still a great option for preventing theft.


Secure Fishing Tackle Storage 

At Asgard, we manufacture sheds for all kinds of sports and hobbies, tailoring the ranges to different hobbies based on customer feedback and industry experts. We always put security at the heart of the shed design, making our metal sheds from tough galvanised (weatherproof) steel with integral bases that bolt to the floor. This makes them extra strong to withstand the weather and thieves. 

All our fishing sheds feature tough locking systems including pick and drill resistant locks and heavy-duty deadbolts, as well as hidden ventilation in the eaves of the roof to keep your fishing rods and tackle boxes safe and dry. We also supply the sheds with eyelets and hooks to make the most out of your fishing storage. Below are the fishing metal sheds we have on offer:

Trojan Fishing Equipment Storage Shed

Trojan Plus Fishing Tackle Storage - Pent Roof

Measuring 7ft wide x 3ft deep with double door access, the Trojan Plus fishing shed is our tallest shed within the range, perfect for storing away your fishing tackle boxes, fishing rods, nets, and more. The shed features handy space for shelving down the side of each door, giving great instant access to equipment. For increased security, the Trojan Plus features a 5-point locking system with internal deadbolts and door shoot bolts alongside our standard EN1303 rated pick and drill lock. Take a look at our Trojan Plus metal shed here.


Sentry Fishing Storage Shed - Apex Roof

The Sentry fishing shed has the same footprint as our Trojan Plus shed, but is 3ft wide by 7ft deep, making it ideal for tight thin spaces. With a single door, you can store lots of fishing gear within the shed and on its shelves at the rear. Its apex roof makes the Sentry look more traditional, and has additional vents in the front to reduce condensation and fishy smells. The Sentry metal shed features a 3 point locking system with door shoot bolts and our standard lock. Take a look at our Sentry metal shed here.

Sentry metal storage - Secure fishing equipment storage


Do you need more space and/ or more security? 

For our professional anglers, we have a range of high-security sheds which feature a 5-point locking system with reinforced hinges, panels, and doors that are Secured by Design (Police) approved, UK Locksmith Association and Loss Prevention Certification Board certified. Sizes start at 5ft wide x 7ft deep, suitable for those with lots of professional fishing equipment. You can see more high-security metal sheds here.


Are you part of an angling club?

If you’re part of an angling club, Asgard offers an exclusive 10% discount code for all members to use across our metal sheds. To register and qualify for an Asgard code, simply email andy@asgardsss.co.uk. You can find out more about the discount scheme here. 

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