What Is The Best Bike Storage Shed?

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“According to crime data, 376,000 bicycles are stolen every year in the UK. This works out at about one bike stolen every 90 seconds. So count yourself lucky if you haven't fallen victim to bike theft as of yet.”- 2016

Scary facts!

Asgard have been designing and making metal bike storage for many years, and the most common questions are: “What is the best bike storage solution?” “What is the best way to store a bike?”

In this short article we attempt to answer these questions based on our years of storage experience. The goal of a bike storage unit is simple - keep your bikes neat, tidy, safe, secure and out of the house. Choosing bike storage can be as complicated as choosing a new bicycle. Below we have a breakdown of Asgard’s best-selling bike storage sheds, and a few of the features and benefits of each.


Twin Bike Shelter - Bike Storage x 2

The twin bike shelter is popular with urban commuters and other regular riders. This shelter was originally designed for the West Yorkshire Police to store officers Police issue MTBs. These shelters are built from high-quality, weatherproof (galvanised) steel. Our twin shelter is designed to safely store two road or mountain bikes. This space-saving metal bike shed features a tough, pick & drill resistant, Euro cylinder, 3-point locking system for maximum bike security. The twin bike locker is perfect for regular riders looking for easy access to bikes every day. Built with no internal floor, the shelter is perfect for everyday riders who are always on their bike and not looking for long term storage. The twin bike locker is supplied complete with hooks, ideal for storing helmets and backpacks with your bikes.
  Twin Bike Storage

Vertical Bike Locker  

Vertical Bike Locker - Bike Storage x 1

This ultra tough fully enclosed locker was originally designed for commercial use on railway station platforms. However, because it was so popular, the unit has been made available to the public.  Built from our weatherproof galvanised steel, the vertical locker is a space saving metal bike shed, ideal for tucking behind the house or at the side of a garage. Discreet and secure, the locker features a 3-point deadbolt locking system, with a pick and drill resistant lock (with reinforcing plate), integral metal floor and a full-sized steel door. This locker has been designed for strength and security.

Double Ended Bike Shelter - Bike Storage x 2

The double ended bike shelter is based on the popular twin bike shelter. The double ended shelter does exactly what it says on the tin, you can still store 2 bikes in a safe and secure manner. With two lockable doors, this shelter can store two bikes independently of each other, each bike in its own lockable compartment with independent access doors. Space saving and secure, the double ended shelter is made from weatherproof steel and features a tough 3-point locking system, with pick and drill resistant locks. Supplied with handy helmet hooks, this unit is great for everyday riders looking for quick bike retrieval.
  Double Ended Bike Shelter

The Addition  

The Addition - Bike Storage x 3

The Addition Bike Storage Shed is the original Asgard bike shed, designed to hold up to 3 standard size bikes. The Addition features an integral, all-metal floor, a vented roof (to reduce condensation) and features an all-round heavy duty, weatherproof construction.  Fitted with a tough pick & drill resistant, 3-point locking system, the Addition has large double door access (with deadbolt) making bike storage and retrieval a breeze. As with all of our sheds, the Addition is supplied with a floor fixing kit, allowing you to bolt the shed to the ground for even more security.  Hidden in the roof you will find discreet ventilation holes, designed to reduce condensation. Add in hooks and shelf packs and you can store all of your riding equipment with your bikes for the full secure bike storage solution.


The Annexe - Police Approved Bike Storage x 3

The Annexe is the smallest of our Police Approved (Secured By Design) bike sheds. Designed for the ultimate bike security, this compact unit can hold up to 3 standard bikes, plus riding equipment (shelf and hook packs available). Constructed from weatherproof steel, the Annexe features a 5-point locking system, with deadbolts, featuring reinforced hinges and doors. Hidden vents in the roof reduce condensation as does the integral metal floor (with ground fixing bolts), which also provides additional security. The Annexe is also Loss Prevention Certified to level 1 - Keeping bikes safe AND dry.
    The Annexe

The Access  

The Access - Bike Storage x 4

So, which is the most popular Asgard bike shed? The answer is always the Access. The Access has been designed to store up to 4 standard size bikes. With large double door access at the front, in addition to a large gas lift lid, the Access gives you maximum access to your bikes and riding equipment. Security is provided via a 3-point shrouded locking system with an internal door deadbolt. Shelf and hook packs are available to store helmets and backpacks with your bikes. An integral built-in metal floor, heavy duty galvanised (weatherproof) steel construction completes the security features. The Access bike shed is tough, weatherproof and features unique hidden air vents allowing air to flow inside the unit keeping condensation to a minimum and your riding equipment dry. The Access is an ideal shed for everyday use and long term bike storage.

The 29er Bike Shed

Designed for storing 29-inch mountain bikes, the 29er metal bike store is a bigger version of our bestselling Access bike shed. Featuring all the same security features as the standard Access – just bigger, with bigger doors – giving you plenty of room to maneuver your 29 inch wheel bike in and out, with plenty of space inside to store more riding and bike maintenance equipment alongside your bikes. A selection of hooks and shelf packs are available to increase storage capacity, ideal for storing helmets, backpacks and maintenance gear with your bike for the complete bike storage solution.
  29er Bike Store  

Access E Plus  

The E-Bike Storage Shed

The e-bike shed is based in our 29er shed. It has galvanised, weatherproof construction, heavy-duty locks and a full integral metal base. Access your bikes through a gas lift lid, and large (deadbolted) double doors. The difference with the e-bike store is it is power ready. On either side of the unit, you will find mounting plates for electrical sockets allowing you to mount power modules inside the shed (sockets are available separately and are user fit). The e-bike shed is weatherproof, featuring an integral metal floor and hidden air vents to reduce condensation, which is key. This allows you to charge your bikes, lights, and accessories inside your bike shed as well as storing all your equipment in one place. These are the ultimate cycle caves – spend your Sunday afternoons in your shed charging, maintaining and fixing your bikes.

6 Bikes and above

Asgard manufacture bike sheds that are suitable for storing multiple bikes. We are all riders at Asgard, so we know how important a bike is - and when you have lots of bikes in one place (i.e. you are a serious rider or part of a club), that’s a golden opportunity for bike theft.

Our extra-large units are all Police Approved, Locksmiths approved AND Loss Prevention Certified (Level1). Each of our sheds have been designed to provide maximum bike security, with deadbolts, reinforced hinges and solid integral metal floors.  Our large units keep bikes dry thanks to hidden roof ventilation and additional side vents (depending on model). Inside, you can store multiple bikes either stacked or in one of the optional bike racks. Add in the Hook and Shelf packs for storing helmets, backpacks and maintenance equipment - suitable for the obsessive rider or a club. As an added bonus these units are large enough to stand in - so ideal as a bike maintenance shed/ bike cave.
  6 Bikes and Over

That’s a quick round-up of the best selling Bike Storages Asgard has to offer - for more information or to arrange a visit to our factory to see them for yourself, please contact us on: sales@asgardsss.co.uk

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