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Yellow Jacket and Asgard

Save on cycle insurance

For bikers everywhere, security is a top priority when your bike isn’t stored safely at home in your Asgard Secure Storage Shed. Day-to-day activities and errands can lead to cyclists leaving their bikes chained to a lamp post or stored in a public bike rack. However, public spaces do not provide the same level of security as your shed or the assurance that your bike will not be stolen or damaged.

While our sheds provide security and shelter for your bikes at home, Yellow Jersey provides bike insurance to ensure your bikes are safe in public spaces. Their bike insurance covers your equipment when riding, racing, or training worldwide. They offer three different types of cycling insurance, giving you the option to pick one that suits you best.

We’re happy to announce that we have teamed up with Yellow Jersey to offer both our customers and their customers this fantastic deal.

Asgard customers:

After you’ve purchased and installed your secure Asgard shed, simply ring up the lovely folks at Yellow Jersey on 0333 003 0046 with your order number and shed name to let them know your bikes are safely snug in their new home. They’ll take you through the process of insuring your cycling gear and give you the 10% off in your quote.

Yellow Jersey customers:

For Yellow Jersey bike insurance customers, we’re offering 10% off our Asgard Steel Sheds. All you have to do is call their team on 0333 003 0046 for the code and enter this into our website when purchasing a shed.

Our steel sheds ensure your bikes and equipment are stored safely at home. Most of our Asgard Steel Sheds are Secured by Design (police) approved, LPCB Level 1 (Loss Prevention Certification Board) approved and UK Locksmith approved. The locks are pick and drill resistant, providing you peace of mind that your bikes are safe and secure.


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