Insurance approved ATV Storage

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Insurance approved ATV Storage

Lexham ATV Insurance Approved Storage

Sports quad bike, leisure quad, buggy, or utility quad bike - whichever all-terrain vehicle is your pride and joy, it’s important to keep it safely stored away from any thieves on the prowl. Quad bike theft is on the rise with the farming industry being one of the most targeted communities, seeing a 26% rise in claims for stolen farm vehicles amounting to £7.4m last year. 

At Asgard, we’ve adapted our high-security motorcycle storage ranges to suit an ATV, helping to keep them safe and secure. Our insurance-approved ATV & quad bike storage can offer an extra layer of protection with its thick galvanised steel carcass with an integral base, creating a 360-degree tough barrier around your ATV.

All metal construction

The all-metal carcass is an excellent deterrent in itself, with the material naturally making a lot of noise if attacked, helping sound the alarm. This has been independently tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and other motorcycle industry reviewers who wanted to put it to the test - any excuse to try kicking it in the name of product testing!! For additional security, the integral base can be fixed down to the floor, ensuring the shed can’t be pried up and accessed from underneath. 

The security features don’t stop there, all our quad bike storage has reinforced hinges, panels and doors. The doors feature 5-point locking with deadbolts and pick-and-drill resistant euro cylinder locks tested to EN1303 - the highest tested level of durability, temperature, and corrosion resistance. Together, all these security features create a tough ATV storage unit, which is why it’s Police (Secured by Design) approved, UK Locksmith approved, Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) certified and Lexham Insurance approved. Lexham Insurance will even offer 20% off their ATV insurance with an Asgard Quad Bike Storage Garage!

Secured By Design Storage

Asgard has developed two Insurance approved ATV and quad bike storage sheds, each with a ramp and double door access at 1960mm high x 1420mm wide (5ft 6” x 4ft 7”), giving ample width to ride in your ATV. The Gladiator Quad Bike Storage is the widest and longest of the range with space for up to 2 ATV’s and quad bike accessories, measuring in at 2240mm x 4422mm (7ft 4” x 14ft 6”). The Centurion Quad & ATV Bike Storage is the most compact and perhaps more suited to the leisure quad biker with 1 ATV and accessories. Still, with ample storage space, this metal shed measures at 1524mm x 3330mm (5ft 2” x 10ft 11”). Both units can also be extended if required, adding more 1m ventilated extension panels. 

Winter Storage

Are you wondering how to store your ATV in winter too? Our quad bike and ATV storage sheds feature ventilated sides and a hidden roof system to help keep condensation to a minimum, safely securing it away and keeping it dry. Compare Asgard’s insurance-approved Quad bike garages here.


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