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In a Tiny Garden's Allotment Storage Shed

In a Tiny Garden & Asgard Allotment Storage Sheds

Launching our new Sentry garden storage/allotment shed, we set out to ask professional gardeners and allotmenteers to try and test our new slimline shed to its limits! In desperate need of secure storage for her allotment, organic grower Katelyn from ‘In a Tiny Garden’ leapt at the chance to give this new thin shed a try! Measuring just 3ft wide by 7ft deep, the garden shed used minimal space on her allotment, but has a 4m Cubed storage capacity.

Sustainable Sheds Made in the UK

Are Asgard metal sheds sustainable?

As an organic grower, sustainability was at the heart of the ‘In a Tiny Garden’ community, and Katelyn had set criteria in mind when agreeing to try our sheds. Firstly, a big tick for us was our green credentials, with Asgard being ISO 14001 approved, we complied with all the environmental policies as a company and are independently audited regularly. Within our Yorkshire factory, sustainability and continuous improvement is a high priority for us, Asgard has made significant investments in modern, efficient machinery, lighting and heating in the last few years alone. Alongside our sister brand Flexiform, our improvements have resulted in a 58% reduction in water per £M/turnover, 54% reduction in natural gas per £M/turnover and 45% reduction in electricity per £M/turnover since 2010. 

Another important factor for Katelyn was the metal shed itself, our raw material has a significant proportion of recycled material, reducing the environmental impact and is 99% recyclable. 

Asgard sheds are designed to last, with each shed supplied with a 10-year warranty. Comparatively, metal sheds can last much longer than a plastic or wooden shed, and be easily recycled at the end of its life. At Asgard, we also deliver our sheds unpackaged, separated and protected by reusable cardboard sheets. These are all great plus points for Katelyn, knowing we are a trusted and responsible manufacturer. 

What does Katelyn think of the Sentry Garden Shed? 

“I was delighted when Asgard got in touch to ask if I’d like to test out their new Sentry shed at the allotment. It was perfect timing as I had been trying to decide for a couple of years what the most eco friendly, secure and long lasting type of shed would be and this is it! I knew whatever I went with it would end up featuring on my instagram and so I was really conscious about making the right choice as it is an investment for people. In my research I hadn’t actually thought of Asgard, though we knew of their reputation for storing bicycles securely (my partner is an avid cyclist and I use mine daily). But when they offered the new Sentry shed for the allotment I got to work grilling them on their sustainability credentials and why a metal shed would be better than a wood or plastic one.

Firstly, it lasts longer and is much easier to care for than wood. It has a 10-year anti-perforation warranty. The steel is infinitely recyclable and it’s also made partly from previously recycled steel. It’s also incredibly hard to break into with their locking mechanisms - our allotment is in London where our site’s sheds get broken into a few times a year, that is a lot of locks and windows to replace. Their sheds don’t arrive packaged, just separated using cardboard and blankets which are reused. It's made in the UK, and only distributed to mainland UK. All their deliveries are grouped per area, so they eliminate unnecessary trips. Asgard is also a zero waste to landfill company, with over 95% being recycled. They’ve also invested in loads of green initiatives for their factory but there are too many to list!

There are the obvious benefits to any shed, I would finally be able to store my tools there without having to lug them from home every visit and then the less obvious, a private place for emergencies in order to add nitrogen to the compost heap (did you know urine is a good compost activator?). But with an Asgard shed I also get the benefit of longevity, ease of maintenance, total security for my lovely tools I have invested in (and colour matched hooks to store them on) and it even has a rack to fit our spare bicycle. Now it does get really hot inside in summer so I wouldn’t suggest storing your seeds in there but that is the only fault I can give it - and what shed doesn’t get hot in the summer sun?

The Sentry arrived at the allotment, where I’ve never had a usable shed before so you can imagine my excitement! I opted for it to be installed by the pros at Asgard, their team was so lovely. I was determined not to use concrete as it is frowned upon at the allotment and isn’t the most eco friendly. So we used a gravel base and slabs and very carefully tamped it down level. It went up in record speed and I filled it immediately with my precious tools, knowing they’d be safe. But the most exciting thing about an allotment shed is the ability to catch precious rainwater - I plan to install guttering using a clip-on guttering system attached to a water butt - the blueberries will be especially happy! Thank you Asgard!” - Katelyn, In a Tiny Garden

In a Tiny Garden Asgard Allotment Storage Shed

Who is “In a Tiny Garden”? 

As a trained Gardener/Allotmenteer, Katelyn has taken advantage of any outdoor space she can get hold of, transforming her 4x5ft garden at home into a tiny oasis, and later transformed her allotment plot. Katelyn shares her garden transformation and organic growing stories on her ‘In a Tiny Garden’ Instagram account, gaining over 57,000 followers to date, and she has recently started up a dedicated Youtube channel. Katelyn has been expanding her knowledge of growing vegetables and gardening by completing an RHS Level 2 certification in 2019 and is due to complete her Level 3 Certification and Horticultural Diploma this year (2021). 


What features does the Sentry shed have? 

The Sentry allotment shed is the thinnest walk-in garden shed in our range. At just 3ft wide by 7ft deep, the slimline shed is great for side of house storage or where space is at a premium. As with all Asgard garden sheds, the Sentry is made from galvanised weatherproof steel and features an integral base, making fantastic rodent-proof garden storage - ideal for allotments. The Sentry shed features a 3-point locking system with a pick-and-drill resistant lock rated to EN1303, the highest level of durability, temperature and corrosion resistance. For additional protection, the handle is designed to shear off in an attempted break-in, helping to keep thieves out. This extra level of security is great for peace of mind, especially as allotment sheds are often a target of theft. 

Walk-in garden shed

To find out more about the Sentry 3x7 shed, click here. To find out more about the influencers we work with, click here.

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