Helen Scott Bike Shed Move

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Helen Scott Bike Storage Shed Move

Asgard Shed Installation Team Move Paralympian Helen Scott’s Bike Shed

Back in 2017, we installed our Annexe police approved bike shed for Helen Scott MBE, a Paralympic Champion for Team GB, 8x World Champion and 4x Commonwealth Games Champion. Fast forward to late 2023, and Helen was moving home with everyone asking her the important question ‘What are you going to do about your beloved bike shed!?’.

“Everyone close to me knows how much I absolutely love my bike shed. I purchased a special bike when I retired from racing and for me, there's nothing more securer than an Asgard police-approved bike shed. I wouldn’t put it anywhere else.” - Helen Scott, Retired Paralympian turned Paralympic Foundation Coach. 

Helen Scott Bike shed move

Helen contacted the Asgard team for help and support in relocating her favourite bike shed, and as Helen was one of our original collaborators with professional athletes, we were more than happy to help her out. We sent our Asgard Shed Installation team out on a wintery (minus 3 degree!) morning to relocate the metal shed. 

“Asgard’s become the go-to bicycle storage for professional athletes, we now have over 40 British athletes using our metal sheds which is a great testament to their strength, security and quality manufacturing. Our collaborations started with a small group of athletes including Elinor Barker, Laura and Jason Kenny, Victoria Williamson and of course, Helen Scott, so we’re more than happy to help support them where we can.” - Andy, Asgard

Image Left: Helen's Annexe bike shed we installed in 2017.

Asgard Team relocating Helen’s Metal Bike Shed

Asgard Shed Installation Team & Helen Scott

“It was lovely seeing Helen again, having installed her original shed 6 years ago. As expected, the bike shed was still in excellent condition and only required a brushing down of icicles, dirt, a few cobwebs, and oiling of the locking mechanism. As Helen was fresh into her new home, she hadn’t had time to check out the new garden for an optimum position, but we found a suitable spot and re-bolted it down for top security. Helen also treated us to a brew, a few chocolate biscuits, and some Christmas beers to take away, so we felt truly spoilt!” - Stuart, Asgard Shed Installation Team

Asgard police approved shed

What is the Annexe Police Approved Bike Shed?

The Annexe bicycle shed is from our most secure range of metal sheds and is accredited to Secured by Design (Police) approval, Loss Prevention Certification Board LPCB level 1 and UK Locksmith approved. It’s also insurance-approved AND a firm favourite with industry magazines including Cycling Weekly and Going Going Gone.

So what makes this such a popular secure shed? The Annexe shed is constructed from reinforced galvanised (weatherproof) steel (a tougher and thicker steel than other manufacturers' bike storage sheds), and features; welded hinges as well as a 5-point locking mechanism with internal deadbolts, making this an extra tough bike shed. Like all our Asgard metal sheds, the Annexe has an integral base that can be bolted to the ground to stop any movement or thieves prying it up from the bottom. Within the 5-point locking mechanism, the bike shed features our standard EN1303-rated pick-and-drill resistant lock tested to the highest level of durability, temperature, and corrosion resistance and a handle that's designed to snap off in an attack. The Annexe Bike Shed is one of our best bike sheds as it brings together superior strength in a compact footprint, ideal for 1-3 bikes. 

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