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Elinor Barker with her Bikeshed

Moving and rebuilding an Asgard shed

All Asgard sheds have been designed to be home assembly, using minimal tools (though we do offer a full installation service). Asgard sheds are tough, weatherproof, and secure - the good news is that not only are they super secure and super easy to install, but they are also just as easy to disassemble, move and rebuild - perfect if you are having a garden redesign or moving house - just take your Asgard shed with you!

Elinor Barkers Bike Shed Move

We have been looking for an example to show you just how quick and easy an Asgard shed move is - and once again our long-time bike shed owner and Olympic Champion Elinor Barker, was in the right place at the right time as she was just moving house. One call to the Asgard installation A team, and Stu and Pete were back on the scene to move Elinors Access Plus Bike Shed, complete with accessories and a ground anchor to the new home.

“We are often asked how easy a shed move is, and it is very easy, it's not often we have a camera with us, but this time we were prepared and we moved Elinors shed in no time at all” - Pete, Asgard Shed Installation team.

Access Plus Bike Shed Disassemble

Asgard Shed Installation Team Asgard Access Plus Metal Bike Shed

“The shed was down in 13 mins - there was some plant growth on the roof which took a wiggle to get loose and the shed had been bolted down, but with the correct tools, it's easy just to reverse the build instructions. We just left the hooks attached, everything else was removed, stacked and bagged”. - Stuart, Asgard Shed Installation Team

Asgard shed panels

Top Tip: Order a product-specific new fixing bag from Asgard Customer Services - so much easier than trying to save every screw. Andy actually dropped the bag of screws we had carefully kept, so it was a good job we had a new fixing bag to hand!

Top Tip: When removing a wooden floor, partially screw in a shed screw into the floor, this gives you something to grip when lifting the floor - and always use two people, the floors are very heavy.

Top Tip: When removing the roof always use two people, once unfixed the roof can move/ slip down the unit, and they are very heavy.

Access Plus Bikeshed Reassemble

Asgard metal shed install Maxess bikeshed installation

Once unloaded off the van, Stu and Pete stacked the panels in the correct order, with the base at the front, and the lid at the back for speed and ease of rebuild.

“The new location was a solid block paved driveway, they are always easy to install on, though the drive had a steep run-off (angled) so we had to compromise and pack up one side to ensure the locks were smooth in operation” - Stuart Leddy, Asgard Shed Installation

Before installing an Asgard shed

Top Tip: Take the opportunity to check for dents and treat any deep scratches when dissasembling. Elinor had spilt bike cleaning chemicals on the base which actually stripped some of the paint, but did not damage the metal thanks to the galvanised coating. Use touch-up paint where appropriate to maintain the finish.

The Access Plus Bike shed went up as per the instructions in around 45 mins, a little slower than the disassemble as Stu and Pete were interrupted by the delicious spread of biscuits and drinks.

“Asgard sheds are very easy to move, they go together and pull apart easily, the only potential hazard is, the large units have silicone on them (roof strips), they can be tricky to ease off. Once off they need a scrape and a clean before refitting. Regardless of which unit you are moving, these are always at least two-person jobs, the shed panels are so heavy, it's dangerous to try and move a shed on your own”.  - Stuart Leddy, Asgard Shed Installation

Asgard Maxess Bikeshed

The Finished Bike Shed

In total Elinor's bike shed was dismantled and rebuilt in a new location in a little over 2 hours including travel time and biscuit stops.

For further advice on moving your Asgard shed call Customer Services on 03456 580 730 or

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