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Elinor Barker Team GB Kit & Asgard Bike Shed

Team GB cyclist Elinor Barker recently moved house and needed a new secure bike locker to keep her training bikes in. Having recently returned from Hong Kong, winning Gold at the Track Cycling World Championship; Elinor needed a helping hand from Asgard to install the shed.

Space was a little more limited this time, so Elinor opted for the Metal Bike Shed for29ers. Once built; the shed fitted neatly into the corner of the garden; the Green paint finish blending in nicely with its surroundings.

Her old shed was dismantled at her previous address and taken back to Asgard Storage HQ, ready to be used in conjunction with the work Asgard are doing with the charity, Kirkwood Hospice.

The Access Plus, otherwise known as Asgard’s shed for 29ers has a number of benefits.

  • Metal bike storage constructed from galvanised, weatherproof steel.
  • Over 19 stone in weight; Strong and secure.
  • Engineered and made in Britain.
  • 10 Year Warranty as standard.
  • Unique airflow ventilation system, helping to reduce condensation and, keep bikes safe and dry.
  • Tough, shrouded, double locking system (8.5 Heavy Security Rating).
  • Strengthened double door access with a top lid - see roof demo.
  • Easy access for getting things in and out, thanks to the large reinforced lift up lid.
  • Integral metal base with free fixings for securing to your concrete base.
  • A custom wooden subfloor is also available, which protects the integral metal base from damage. 
  • Predrilled holes for our maintenance shelf packs, which are great for storing equipment.
  • Hang your riding gear and backpacks on our hooks (Supplied in packs).
  • No exposed screws outside the unit. All screw ends are hidden.
  • Easy, self-assembly, using the illustrated instructions. 
  • Asgard installation and service is available. A great value service. 
  • Selection of colours to choose from.
  • Hard wearing and rust resistant.
  • The Access Plus is maintenance free with no rotting wood to replace.
  • Free Mainland delivery*

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