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Asgard Club Discount Code for Garden Storage Sheds

Garden & Allotment Club Garden Shed Discount Code

Are you a member of a gardening club or a local allotment society? If so Asgard is offering your club or society an exclusive Asgard discount code. Your club code will save your members 10% on all Asgard sheds - Garden, tool, bike and motorbike*.

Signing up for your discount code is easy, Just register your club or association with Asgard and we will send an exclusive discount code for all of your club members to use. To register your interest, and qualify for an Asgard discount code simply email

Allotment & Garden Crime

Allotments are often left alone and can be more prone to theft. In 2017, it was reported that there were estimated to be 333,000 allotments in the UK, and at least a third of them were attacked for their stock and tools. Allotments are targeted not for their fruit and vegetables, but for the tools and accessories often left behind.

There are a few ways to ensure your allotment is protected, including CCTV cameras, fencing or hedging, lighting, and a secure metal shed. Secure sheds provide a sense of security to those who require a safe place to store their tools and accessories.

Why choose Asgard sheds?

All Asgard garden sheds are made from tough, galvanised steel, each of the garden storage units features heavy-duty materials and exceptionally secure locks. Many of our units are Secured By Design and feature built-in ventilation, ensuring your garden tools and equipment are condensation and rust-free. These low maintenance sheds mean you get to spend more time in the garden! If you’d like to know more about the ranges we have on offer, check them out here. If you’re not sure if your club is already enrolled in this scheme, see the current list here.

Are you a member of other clubs?

If you are a member of a cycling club, you can find more information on our Cycle Club Discount page. We also have a discount scheme for Motorcycle clubs too. Our Motorcycle Club page has all the information.

Secure All Metal Garden Shed

*Orders over £100. Excludes delivery & installation fees.

Asgard Metal Sheds are UK Locksmiths Approved
Asgard Metal Garden Sheds LPCB Approved
Metal Garden Sheds Secured by Design Approved
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