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Australian Olympic cyclist Alex Edmondson and Team GB Ellie Dickinson

Last month, Andy Heath, Hazera Bibi, Pete Evans and Stuart Leddy from Asgard Storage ventured out to the North West to help Australian Olympic Cyclist Alex Edmondson and Team GB’s Ellie Dickinson relocate their Asgard Annexe bike shed to their new home. 

With the weather still recovering from the stormy winds early June, our installation duo worked quickly in dismantling the Annexe Bike Storage Shed in a record-breaking 12 minutes! We quickly loaded the Asgard van with the dismantled bike shed and headed to the new location.

The Annexe was up and running in no time for Alex and Ellie to store their training bikes. Both Alex and Ellie train daily and required a storage system that provided maximum security for them to store their bikes, yet easy access. 

Alex and Ellie chose the Annexe steel bike shed because of its fantastic security features. The unit boasts an integral steel floor, a tough 5-point locking system and has built-in ventilation to ensure the bikes and accessories are protected. The Annexe is also Secured by Design (Police) approved, LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) Level 1 approved and UK Locksmith approved. 

‘Alex and I love our shed, it is the perfect place to keep our bikes safe! We would recommend Asgard to any of our teammates and friends' - Ellie Dickinson.


Alex and Ellie were also kind enough to get their team of talented cyclists to sign a few plaques for charity, with signatures from: Elinor Barker, Laura & Jason Kenny and more.

You can watch the installation below:

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