8 ways to improve your Garden Security

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In recent years, thefts from residential gardens have been increasing across the United Kingdom. If you want ensure your garden accessories and equipment are safe, especially when you’re unable to keep a close eye on things, it would be wise to up your game when it comes to garden security. Allowing easy access to the belongings you keep in your garden area is a dream come true for seasoned thieves and opportunists alike.


Some statistics tell us that as many as 1 in 7 homes have been subject to garden theft and it’s expensive garden tools and equipment that are most often the targets, due to these items having high sell on values. Bikes, children’s toys and mobility equipment are also high up on the list of targets for a thief. With the average British garden shed holding around £2,000 worth of stuff that can be quickly moved on and resold, it’s no wonder weaknesses in garden security are being exploited, when there’s an easy to obtain loot to be had.


Asgard understand that the possessions you keep outside of your home, in your garden, need to have the same levels of protection that they would have if they were behind closed doors and protected by bricks and mortar. That’s why our designers and engineers have crafted highly secure metal garden sheds, as well as tool sheds that have been approved by the police, through the ‘Secured by Design’ initiative. In order to achieve the aforementioned status, Asgard’s sheds have to be rigorously tested and certified by the ‘Loss Prevention Certification Board’ (LPCB). This means, every Asgard shed with one of these certifications have really been put through their paces to ensure they provide a high level of security.


The LPCB have been around for over 100 years. They have set benchmark standards for security and fire safety products and they know how to exploit the weaknesses of products to prove or disprove their capabilities. So what happens during testing for an Asgard shed to receive such sort after security certifications? During testing, multiple forced entry attempts are made on the shed to ensure that all break-in points offer maximum security. It is these tests that also help product manufacturers such as Asgard perfect their designs to manufacture the securest products they possibly can.


For many people, the garden shed is their first line of defence against potential burglars. A knowledgeable thief will often be put off from even attempting to break in and enter your shed if he can see the security in place is impenetrable. Asgard sheds have a reputation for being highly secure. They are distinguishable from many of the rickety wooden, plastic and other corrugated metal sheds on the market and they will certainly act as a deterrent to thieves. Even if a burglar does attempt to get inside an Asgard, its likely they will fail and in the process attract attention to themselves by making so much noise against the heavy, reinforced metal structure.


We’ve created a useful infographic, which aims to give you some ideas to deter burglars from your garden. How will you protect your valuables kept in the garden?


8 ways to improve your garden security

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