Asgard shed lock options

Asgard shed locking systems.

All Asgard sheds are designed to be exceptionally strong and secure. We have a number of different locking mechanisms available depending on the type of shed and its intended use. All of our locking mechanisms are high quality and reliable. We offer 5-point locking with and without LPCB, Secured by Design (Police) and UK Locksmith approval, 3-point locking or 2-point mechanisms on our bike sheds, garden storage sheds, and motorcycle garages.

Secure shed locking mechanisms
Shrouded pick resistant lock (inside)
Shed door bolts
Door bolt system
Shed locking bolts
Dead bolts

5 point locking systems

A Euro cylinder lock* is at the heart of this system. The pick-and-drill resistant lock barrel is rated to EN1303, tested to the highest level of durability, temperature and corrosion resistance, and fitted into our toughened door handle. The rear of the lock has both a horizontal bolt and two vertical deadbolts to secure the door shut, with the horizontal bolt shooting into the shed bodywork (or adjacent door – depending on model). The vertical bolts are fixed to a 10mm dia steel bar that shoots deep into both the roof and base of the shed.

Security is taken a step further with the heavy duty shed handle. The handle has a special pin inside that is designed to sheer off in the event of an attempted break-in – i.e. under excessive force. The further 2 locking points in the five-point locking system are the two “shoot bolts” located on the inside of the door, these 10mm bolts lock deep into the shed frame securing the doors firmly into place. The extra-tall Trojan Plus shed range is a great example of a 5-point locking shed**.

Our Euro cylinder locks are supplied with 2 keys and a key recovery card. Should you lose your keys, quote the number to us and we can provide you with a new set of keys - please note, there is a charge for this service.

Police approved sheds
Locksmith approved storage
Shed locking bolts

5-point locking systems with Secured by Design, LPCB & UK Locksmith approval 

In addition to our metal sheds with 5-point locking, we offer a range with Secured by Design (Police), Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and UK Locksmith approval. These ‘police approved sheds’ take the 5-point locking a step further with additional reinforced hinges, panels and doors, maximising security and keeping your shed secure. 

These approved metal sheds also have additional features on the lock (as well as the features mentioned above). Behind the locking mechanism is a shroud of thick steel, designed to “lock” the locking system to the shed door. This prevents any would-be thief from trying to force the lock inwards. Just in case that is not enough security for you, remember that Asgard all metal sheds are made from heavy-duty galvanised steel panels (all fixed from the inside) and a full metal floor.

Our Centurion sheds, Gladiator storage and Annexe sheds are all examples of a 5-point locking shed with Secured by Design, LPCB and UK Locksmith approval. These sheds are also insurance approved by Bennetts insurance, Yellow Jersey insurance and Lexham insurance.

shed locking mechanisms
Shed handle

3-point locking systems

Once again you will find a pick resistant Euro cylinder lock barrel* at the heart of this system. The lock barrel is again inside our “proper” door handle. The handle on these systems is the same handle as on our high-security 5-point systems – designed to snap off in the event of an attempted break-in, leaving your tools inside and the thief outside.

The locking system is made up of 3 security points - bolt one shoots inside the door or side panel, while bolts 2 and 3 are again fixed to a 10mm steel bar that shoots deep into the shed bodywork, giving you unrivalled security. Our 3-point locking sheds include the Addition, Sentry and Flexistore garden shed ranges.

Level 8 rated shed locks
Level 8 rated shed lock

3 point locking system – disc lock version

Our Access units have a top opening lid for easy access to your bikes and tools. The nature of this design requires a slightly different locking system.

How does it work? Two level-8 rated security disc locks fit behind two steel shrouds, locking the top shut. The steel shrouds hide the locks from view and help to stop the use of bolt cutters. The third locking point is an 8mm steel bar inside the unit, dropping down into the shed body, locking the two front doors shut. Finally, when the roof is dropped a steel channel is hidden in the roof structure, this steel section traps the doors closed, stopping the doors from being forced inwards (or kicked in).

Shed locking systems

2-point locking system – padlock version

For low-value items, where security is still important, but you don’t want to spend a fortune protecting old equipment, our small Vangard shed features a 2-point locking system. This includes a thumb turn handle with a shackle point allowing you to use your own padlock. The handle features 2 bolts that are fixed to a 10mm steel bar that shoots deep into the shed bodywork at both the top and bottom. So, you still get a great quality secure shed, it’s just a little cheaper.

Don’t forget that Asgard secure sheds are made from heavy-duty galvanised steel panels, internal fixtures and fitting and a full metal floor. To view our sheds, please browse our garden storage category, bike sheds, motorcycle garages or caravan sheds for more information.

*6 PIN pick resistant Euro cylinder grade 4 with a classification of 15000C52(BS EN1303)

** Please note, the Trojan Plus is not Secured by Design and LPCB approved.