Asgard Sheds: UK Made, Designed & Installed

UK Made Outdoor Storage Sheds

Asgard Sheds are designed and manufactured in Yorkshire

Asgard design and manufacture all Asgard products. Based in West Yorkshire, we operate from an 118,000-square-foot manufacturing plant with our own design, manufacturing, service and delivery teams. Originally inspired by our own need for stronger and more secure storage, we began to design storage using the skills developed over decades of manufacturing office storage (via our sister brand Flexiform). Our earliest designs are still in production today.

“Our manufacturing background made Asgard an obvious next step from Office Storage. We had the skills and machinery in place, we just needed an idea, which we had.” - Chris Raby

We’re proud that our storage sheds are loved by people across the country to safely store their pride and joys, including British athletes like Dame Laura Kenny & Sir Jason Kenny, Ed Clancy OBE, Katie Archibald MBE and many more! 

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Asgard Shed Designers

All our metal shed designs are made in-house by our Design and Engineering Team. With a combined knowledge and experience of 145 years, our team have been with us before Asgard was born! So they truly know the products inside-out as we designed, tested, and refined the ranges. Our design team are also based on the same site as the factory, so the manufacturing and design departments can closely collaborate to ensure the best sheds. 

“For me, the key is the connection between us, the engineers, and the factory. It’s designed and manufactured on the same site in Yorkshire - and unfortunately, that's now a rarity, but the constant communication on a daily basis is what makes and maintains a high-quality product. I can go out and explain the details, the intentions and why it’s designed that way - and they can explain and show the manufacturing challenges. Together, we make a great team - if I do say so myself!” - Chris Raby, Head of Engineering at Asgard.

We design all our shed models on Autodesk Inventor, a 3D CAD professional-grade mechanical design tool that allows us to get close to the detail and refine the millimetre precision that goes into each and every Asgard shed.

Tried & Tested Products

As a bunch of cycling, garden and motorcycle enthusiasts, we’re always thrilled to try and test a new product - we're a bit of a stickler for detail though, so a new shed range can take months from prototyping, building, refinement and completion. Each shed is built outside, weatherproof tested, and used in day-to-day life to see how it feels to use it. 

Once we’re happy with the design, we like to try and test it out with industry professionals such as cycling magazines, athletes and influencers to get their feedback. As each person has different uses for the shed, it inspires our product analysis and development, and accessories. For example, when we launched our Sentry Garden Shed, it was tried and tested by horticulturalists In a Tiny Garden, who highlighted the need to harvest water off the shed in the allotment - which has led to our prototyping of shed rain gutters (watch this space!)

Shed Guttering Clips - In a Tiny Garden

Feedback & Requests

Have you got a great idea, feedback on the sheds or requests for accessories? Let us know by emailing and we’ll take it on board - you never know, you may see your suggestions live on our website! 

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