Asgard Insurance Approved Sheds

Insurance Approved Bike, Motorbike and ATV Storage Sheds

Asgard high-security metal sheds are insurance approved by some of the top UK insurance groups including Yellow Jersey (cycle insurance), Lexham (Quad Bike) Insurance, and Bennetts (Motorcycle Insurance). Due to Asgard storages’ impressive security features, these insurance companies are confident your pride and joys are securely locked away, with some companies classing our sheds as the equivalent of a brick garage. Here’s a rundown of our insurance approved sheds and partnerships with insurance companies:

Yellow Jersey Insurance Approved Bike Sheds
Asgard’s bicycle storage is approved by Yellow Jersey, a UK based bike insurance specialist. Yellow Jersey will offer a discount on your bike insurance premiums if you own and store your bike in an Asgard high-security shed. This includes our Annexe bike shed x3, Centurion Bike Storage x6, Centurion Bike Storage x7, Gladiator Cycle Storage x8 or Gladiator Cycle Storage x12. Find out more here.


Bennetts Insurance Approved Motorcycle Garages
Our motorbike garages are approved by Bennetts, a UK based motorbike insurance specialist. Bennetts will offer a discount on your motorcycle insurance premiums if you own and store your motorbike in any of our Asgard high-security motorcycle garages. Find out more here.

Lexham Insurance Approved ATV & Quad Bike Storage
Our ATV & Quad Bike Storage Garages are approved by Lexham Insurance, a UK based motorsport insurance specialist. Lexham Insurance will offer 20% off your ATV insurance premiums if you own and store your quad bike in any of our Asgard high-security ATV & Quad Bike storage. Find out more here.


What makes Asgard high-security sheds so secure?

All Asgard high-security sheds are fitted with the following features which make them not only insurance approved, but Secured by Design (Police) approved, Loss Prevention Certification Board level 1 certified and UK Locksmith approved:

  • Our sheds are manufactured in the UK from thick (weatherproof) galvanised steel.
  • Each shed features an integral metal floor so thieves can’t pry up the shed.
  • The floor can be bolted down to the ground, adding extra protection.
  • The weight of the galvanised steel helps keep the product in place, adding strength and security.
  • The shed doors, panels and hinges are reinforced.
  • They feature a 5-point locking mechanism with pick-and-drill resistant locks which are EN1303 certified, confirming the highest tested level of durability, temperature and corrosion resistance.
  • Our metal sheds are built from the inside out, stopping any thief taking it apart from the outside.
  • Our quad bike & ATV storage features a unique ventilation system to reduce condensation build up while still keeping your shed secure. 

All these security measures help keep your bike, motorcycle or quad bike safe. By installing and storing one of our high-security insurance approved sheds, you will qualify for a discount off your insurance premium with one of our insurance partners. To view our high-security sheds, please click here.

Please note, not all of our sheds are classified as ‘high-security’, please check prior to purchase that you have selected a high-security shed. Our insurance partners will verify the security level of your shed.