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How to protect your cycle from theft and what to do if your bike is stolen

Cycle theft in the UK

Lets kick off with some statistics:

Bad: Petrol has risen by 60%

Good: So more and more people cycle to work because of the massive cost saving to be had

Very Good: Bicycle sales are up by 13% the 1st part of 2012

Bad: Every 60 seconds a bicycle is stolen in the uk

Very Bad: Less than 5% of those cycles are returned to their rightful owners

In conclusion: Petrol is so expensive that many drivers are becoming forced off the road, so they take up riding to work (often through the Government ride to work scheme. The commuter enjoys better personal health, the employer gets a fitter, healthier and more alert worker and so more productive. The worker saves potentially thousands of pounds a year in fuel and car maintenance... Everyones a winner... then someone steals the bike. The worker is then unable to commute and finds themselves still paying for the bike.

The UK is in the middle of the worst recession for generations, things are looking pretty bleak at the moment. The stock markets have tumbled in the last 6 months and unemployment has risen to 2.61 million in June 2012 BBC website. Cycle theft is rapidly becoming a major problem in the UK, particularly in cities and major conurbations. As more and more people buy a bike in an attempt to save money, more and more are stolen by thieves looking to make easy money. Many thefts go unreported as often people assume the Police will not be interested in such a minorcrime (only 56% of all bike crime was reported to the Police) (British Crime Survey).

Further investigation reveals the problem may be even worse the figures suggest. Many Police departments record crimes in many different ways. A cycle may be stolen as part of a larger burglary, so will not be classed as cycle theft at all. Bikes are very often broken down into components and resold on websites such as Gumtree and ebay. In the last year there have been many stories in the National press about organised gangs - stealing bikes and breaking them down for parts.(Bike parts are often very expensive on top end bikes - for example a carbon bike wheel can set you back £900+

My own discussions with major bike lock and bike storage manufacturers have revealed increases in sales and product ranges from these companies. Theft is certainly good for (some) business.(Sterling locks and Asgard storgae)

Prevent bike theft!

What can you do to prevent your bike from theft? You really need to secure a bike the best way you can. Both when you are out and about AND when you are at home. There are a range of websites out there to help you beat bike theft in both areas.

Crime Stoppers: Offer advice on protecting you bike on the move.

Bike tagging: Have your bike marked and registered. In the event of theft you may stand a chance of recovery.

Bike Storage: Protect your bike at home with a secure metal bike storage unit.

Cycle Forums: Ask the local bike community, post a photo of your stolen bike.

Bike Locks: Most Police recommend you have 2 different types of lock to secure your bike.

Booby- trap your bike: When you are out Loosen wheel nuts, take saddles off. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

and finally be sensible!! don;t leave your bike unattended anywhere.. ever

Hopefully that will scare you into looking after your bike. See the links above to visit sites for advice and help.

For even more bike security, take a look at Asgard Asgard range of bike sheds