Asgard Delivery and Installation FAQ

Frequently asked delivery and installation questions

Welcome to the Asgard Delivery and Installation FAQ page. Here you should find answers to the most commonly asked questions about all our high quality products. If your question isn't answered, then please use our live chat feature or email us

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What is the best way to place an order?

You can either place your order through the Asgard website or over the phone (03456 580 730). If you have any questions before ordering, then don’t hesitate to contact us.


What happens next after I've placed an order?

Once we have processed your order, we will email you your order confirmation the following day. On the confirmation there will be an anticipated date for dispatch and an order number, in case you need to phone us at all to discuss your order. A member of our dispatch department will phone you nearer the anticipated time to book a firm date for delivery to take place so you know exactly when the work will be carried out.


I work nearby. Can you phone me when you are about an hour away so I don't have to take a full day off work?

Yes of course, that's not a problem. Just let a member of our dispatch team know and we will pass the information on to our drivers, and if there is somewhere safe to leave the unit, you don't have to be there at all! We can even build the unit for you if required without you being on site!


Can I add on the installation service to my order if I choose not to build it myself?

Yes, just phone our Customer Services Team before the unit has been dispatched and we can add installation onto your order. Remember to have your firm, level surface in place prior to delivery/installation taking place. However please note that this may delay your order by 2-3 weeks as the unit has to arrive in our fitter's warehouse first and then be booked in by our installation team.


What size vehicles do you use as access to my house is restricted?

We use different sizes of vehicles such as transit vans to 7.5 ton vehicles to 17.5 ton vehicles so if you think you may have an access problem please speak to our Customer Services or Dispatch Team who will be happy to help.


Do you take away the packing when a unit is delivered?

In order to protect the shed panels, cardboard is placed in between each panel. This protects them during the delivery journey. This packaging will not be taken away by our delivery driver as it offers you protection prior to building your shed.


How long will it take to build my unit?

This really depends on the size of the unit but it is wise to allow 1 ½ hrs for the bike stores and 2 -3 hours for the large walk in units such as the Centurion and Gladiator. We would also recommend that two people build the units due to the size and weight of each panel.


Do I have to lay a base?

Yes, grass and gravel are unsuitable. Remember to lay a firm, level surface such as concrete, tarmac of paving slabs.


How much do you charge to install the ground anchors?

We only install Asgard units, not the ground anchors. Please be aware that if you are going to order a ground anchor these are only suitable for bases which are a minimum of 100mm concrete due to the self-expanding bolts.


What tools will I need to build the shed/unit?

For the majority of units you may need a:

  • Posi drive screwdriver (power driver recommended)
  • 6mm diameter masonry drill
  • 13mm socket spanner
  • We will provide everything else for you to build your unit.


Do I need planning permission for an Asgard metal shed?

Not normally. There are exceptions such as conservation areas and it is possible for neighbours to object. It is always worth checking with your local planning authority. We also recommend (out of courtesy) you ask your neighbours if it’s ok. Note that some areas of London may require planning permission for a shed placed at the front of a property. You MUST check before ordering. We will not accept returns based on planning objections.


Do the fixing bolts come as standard?

Yes we supply them as standard with all Asgard units. Bolting your unit to the ground is easy. See how to here.


Will the driver take the panels through my house?

The driver will have to assess first and advise if he feels safe by doing so. The driver will ask you to sign a disclaimer prior to offloading relating to possible damage to your property.
If the driver feels it’s not safe to do so then delivery will be to the most suitable area.