What Shed? reviews Asgard Metal Outdoor Sheds

What Shed? Reviews Asgard Storage

What Shed? Reviews Asgard Storage

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Today we are going to be sharing with you our thoughts on Asgard. No not the home of the Mighty Thor, but one of the top brands when it comes to metal sheds and other garden storage structures. We aim to give you all the essential information in this Asgard review so you will know if their brand of metal garden products is right for you.

Asgard: A quick overview

Asgard are one of the leading brands when it comes to steel garden storage structures. Based right here in the UK, Asgard have been in business for the better part of 40 years and in that time they have built up quite the impressive reputation for being one of the very best when it comes to high quality products that offer an immense amount of security.

How we rate it: 8.5/ 10
Variety of Products: 8/ 10
General Quality: 9.5/ 10
Customisation Options: 7/ 10
Pricing: 9/ 10
Availability: 8.5/ 10

Asgard: What Kind Of Products Are In The Asgard Range?

Asgard have seven different ranges as part of their brand. The most notable of course is their line of metal storage sheds. One thing we really like about the metal storage sheds that Asgard make is how they have such a great selection when it comes to their size. For those with a more compact garden or who already have a shed, but want to add a little extra storage space, they have some great sheds in the 5 foot range. For those who need lots of space then they have sheds that are as large as 7 X 11 and 7 X 14. Another jewel in the Asgard crown is their bike stores. Asgard clearly understand that a bike enthusiast wants to keep their bike safe so they have a fantastic selection of high quality, high security metal bike stores. They have bike stores that can comfortably store one bike and then they have some that can handle as many as 4 bikes. As well as bikes, you bikers are taken care of as well as they also offer some very smart looking motorcycle storage sheds.

We already touched on their sheds, but Asgard actually have another line of sheds. These are ones that are high security sheds. These are made to be even more secure and have extra strong doors and security measures to keep people out. Asgard also have a few let’s just say unusual storage solutions. They have a line of school lockers and school equipment sheds which we know may sound like something you would never need in a million years, but it is worth having a look as some of these would make for excellent storage solutions. The last part of the Asgard brand is what they call their caravan storage. Now the idea of this we feel is for those who love to go camping to have a space to keep their gas tanks and other items safe, but actually some of these caravan storage sheds that they have would be great for other things as most of them have large double doors and a spring assisted lid.

Asgard: How Is The Quality?

The quality of Asgard products is very impressive. They really do make some of the best metal storage products that we have ever seen. All of the products that are part of the Asgard brand are made from very strong heavy gauge weatherproof steel. They have been using this material for years and years so it is fair to say that they are master craftsmen when it comes to making sheds out of it. It also ensures that their products are very robust and long lasting. Some of their products can weigh as much as 70 stone, so you know there is no way that the wind or one of the kids is going to knock it over. Making their sheds and other storage structures out of this material also makes them very easy to look after. You have no worries about treatment or any kind of decay over the years and cleaning them is just a case of a wash down with the hose or a bucket and sponge.

A huge selling point of Asgard’s sheds is their security. The one thing we were particularly happy to see is that they are approved by the Police Secure by Design program. They say the following about the program.

Secure and protect your garden tools and equipment in a high security metal shed that will provide the best protection for your tools & equipment. A tough, all metal construction has given Asgard high security sheds a level 1 rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board, which could help to reduce insurance premiums.

As you can see the Asgard USP (Unique Selling Point) is they make their sheds so that they will keep your items safe. While they do have a range of high security sheds that take this to even higher levels, even their standard sheds will provide you with a safe and secure place to keep your gardening items, tools or even the kids toys. Asgard are actually one of the best when it comes to offering you a safe place to keep your belongings. Some of their products are actually police approved and we are not talking the band Sting was a part of, but the actual police. Breaking into a shed made from heavy gauge steel is far harder than one made from wood, not that we here at WhatShed go around breaking into people’s sheds of course. In all seriousness, if security is something you are concerned with and you want to make sure that your belongings are as well protected as possible, but you lack the money to pay for a security guard, then a strong metal Asgard shed is the next best thing.

Asgard: How Are The Products Priced?

Now with Asgard sheds being made from heavy gauge steel you are probably bracing yourself for them being very, very expensive. Actually this is not the case and Asgard sheds can be very affordable. If we take their standard sheds as an example they have a range of metal storage sheds in the 5 foot category that are all under £400. They have a couple of different bike stores that will not just protect your bike, but also not make you wince as again they can be purchased for under £400. One of the most surprising aspects of the Asgard range is their high security sheds, which with all their extra security sound like they are going to cost a fortune. Actually their high security sheds stars at around the £400 mark and go up to over £1,000, making them far more affordable than people may think.

Of course Asgard do have some higher end items as well and many of their larger more spacious storage products are going to cost considerable more. Their 7 X 14 Extra Large Security Shed for example is £1732, but considering its size and the quality we feel that even this is not too overpriced. In all we are actually very happy with the prices that Asgard are charging for their sheds and other products and when you take into account the materials they are made with and the security you are getting. We are sure that you will feel very comfortable paying the asking price for an Asgard shed.

Asgard: How Customisable Are Asgard Products?

Due to the materials that Asgard use to make their sheds, bike stores and other products, there is not any tinkering you can do with the design. We are sure though that this is not really going to be an issue for most of you. They do though offer you some very interesting and practical extras with most of their products. These are things like shed hooks, shelving and even some extra flooring. We like how they are not trying to tempt you with all this random stuff and are instead just suggesting things that are actually useful.

Asgard: Our Final Thoughts

Asgard is a brand that really impressed us. Now granted they do not have the biggest variety we have ever seen and many of their products do have a similar look, but we feel the products they do have are not just easy on the eyes. They are also incredibly well made. By using that high quality and long lasting steel to make their sheds and other structures, Asgard are ensuring that whatever you purchase will last for many years. If security is one of the main things you are looking for in a shed, then Asgard is a brand that we cannot recommend highly enough. One other thing that we want to say about this brand is that they have their products priced very fairly so that earns them another big thumbs up from us.


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