What is the best way to store fishing rods?

Store expensive fishing tackle securely 

"My wife loves it!  No fishing poles in the garage for her to fall over and break" - online order

"Decent enough metal unit" - online order
"Impressed by the quality and design. Not cheap but you get what you pay for!:"  Nigel C
"This is a great unit.  The height is perfect for my Pole hold-all and rod bag.  Loads of room to spare for my trolley, seat box and even hanging space for my 'Bib and Brace'. I have recommended this to all my fishing club mates"  C.R - Huddersfield
"I purchased this unit as many garages were being broken into in our area and wanted somewhere safe to keep my fishing tackle. Building the unit was fairly easy providing you have a helper as directed in the instructions and your base is level as the screws won't line up easily if it's not. I have now been using this product for a month and think it's fantastic for looks and garden security, I'm even thinking of purchasing another unit for my garden tools at some point as I'm so impressed. I've been told these type of metal sheds can get very hot in the summer months but have not found this at all.- Terry Ballard
"Good unit.  Lots of room for my kit and my sons, I can even get our trolleys in with room to spare" N.H. - Leeds
"An excellent idea - now I can leave all my equipment outside of the house and I don't have to move the car out of the garage to get to my tackle"  A
"I semi retired this year and spend far too much time fishing or talking about fishing. Now I have the time to fish I have some very expensive equipment. After being a victim of a garage theft once before I treated myself to one of these units to keep all my new kit in.  I have to say it really is a quality unit.  Nice and tall, the locks are excellent quality and the whole unit feels very secure. The fact it is a walk in unit is excellent (and most important to a man of my senior years) as it gives me easy access to my equipment with out too much bending." R.P.
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