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Asgard garden shed customer review

From the bloggers site

"Thanks for the opportunity to review your products and service. As promised this is a frank and honest account of my dealings with Asgard Secure Steel Storage.

I have always bought things like sheds from the local garden centre, never online. To be honest buying such a none online product was weird to say the least, I took some cajoling from the wife to buy such a large item without first seeing it.

The buying experience: There was a lot of choice on the Asgard website, to be honest I found it a little confusing, only when I got into each product and read the rather detail information was I able to work out which was the one for me.  I went for the Centurion shed model, which is the top end insurance approved shed. 

I ordered totally online, based purely on the photos and information provided. This was excellent, lots of info, sizes, materials, warranty info, capacity, weights, it's all there for you.

Centurion metal shed the ultimate Garden Security

I paid by paypal and got an instant email back, confirming what I had ordered and a conformation of the order total, which was really confusing, as the conformation came through without VAT on. So I thought the total was incorrect, a quick phone call to customer services and I was put in the picture. Anticipated delivery on the website was 3 - 4 weeks. In reality it was delivered in 5. Not an issue for me as I had to prepare a concrete base to put the shed on, and that took a while to get done because of the weather. As promised though I was kept in formed of the progress of my delivery (thanks to a guy call Ray Parker).

When the shed turned up, I was surprised by the delivery method. Every panel was individually wrapped in a wooly blanket and delivered on an Asgard van by two burleyYorkshire men. The two men put the bits around the back of my house exactly where I wanted them.There was more than enough screws (excellent) all the panels were there (great) but there was a damaged panel. The delivery guys phoned through to the factory and ordered a new one.The new panel was delivered the next day at 9.24 by the same two delivery guys.

Putting the shed together was tough going, it is not hard, but good grief it is very, very heavy. Definitely at least a 2 man job (they do say this in the instructions and trust me they mean it). Construction time was about 3 hours for two of us.. mainly because as alpha males we chose not to read the instructions to begin with and put the back panels on backwards.

I would say the hooks are not the best value in the world. £40 is a bit much for some bent metal, the shelves however are very good, they seem to be made from the same stuff as the actual main shed (rust proof metal). I bought the optional ramp, which is actually a brilliant idea, the shed has a 2 lip at the front, so getting the heavy lawn mower etc in would have been a pain without it.

The wooden sub floor inside (this sits on top of the metal subfloor inside the shed) is a waste of money. It's basically expensive chipboard, in hind sight I would have been better just going to B and Q and buying a few sheets and cutting them myself.

When it's is together it is actually quite impressive, looks very strong and actually quite stylish. Best of all it doesn't look like a shed, which is great". - John

Overall 5/5

For more information about Asgard metal sheds and garden security see the Asgard website